Leah Messer SLAMS Jeremy Calvert: He's Choosing Brooke's Daughter Over Addie!

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For a time, Leah Messer and her ex Jeremy Calvert were co-parenting quite amicably.

Unfortunately, that seems to have changed in recent weeks.

In a sneak peek for Teen Mom 2, Leah and her family are enjoying a barbecue when she gets a text from Jeremy and her mood turns sour.

She explains to her sister, Victoria, that Jeremy said he had to pick up the daughter of his current girlfriend, Brooke Wehr, and would be dropping Adalynn off at his mom's house.

"I am gonna f**king flip," Leah tells Victoria. 

"Jeremy had to leave, go get Brooke's - his girlfriend's - daughter, and just left Addie with his mom," she explains.

Leah is concerned that Jeremy's treatment may be affecting her daughters negatively.

"I mean, she doesn't get to see her sisters again until Thursday, so that's not fair."

"He needs to stop worrying about someone else's child and start worrying about his own," she added.

Leah complains that Jeremy and Brooke should have made the proper arrangements earlier, since they knew about her daughter's schedule for a week.

But what really bums out Leah is that Jeremy seems to be neglecting Addie in order to care for Brooke's kid.

"You see this little girl all week," she complained, speaking of Jeremy. "You don't see Addie all week."

And then she starts to break down in tears for her daughter.

"That's what breaks my heart for this kid," she cries.

Jeremy and Leah's relationship has been strained since we saw them delve into their past during a dinner date earlier this year.

Leah got drunk and flirted with Jeremy, but he did not appear to return her affections. (Leah later blamed MTV for editing out major portions of their conversation in which she claims Jeremy did indeed flirt back.)

Matters were made worse last week, when Jeremy took a dig at Leah online by posting a scathing meme that seemed to blast her parenting skills.

See if these two can work out their issues by watching Teen Mom 2 online.

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