Leah Messer: Jeremy Calvert Was the One Hitting on ME!

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If you watched Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 6 on Monday, you probably did some serious cringing while Leah Messer drunkenly hit on her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert: 

Leah was obviously deeply embarrassed by the episode, and she took to Twitter after it aired to explain to fans that Calvert was flirting with her as well, but those scenes were left on the cutting room floor:

"I'm 99.9 % sure those feelings were mutual," the mother of three tweeted. "I could go in detail, but won't. Oh, how I love this fake a#% TV show. #SoOverIt"

We can see why Leah felt the need to explain herself.

Her intoxicated "non-date" with her ex was easily the most-discussed scene on the show this week, and most of the comments were not favorable to Leah.

Some fans slammed Messer for what they perceived to be her jealousy over Jeremy Calvert's relationship with Brooke Wehr.

Others felt that she simply came off as desperate - encouraging Jeremy to cheat on his girlfriend, even though his alleged infidelities were among the main factors that led to her divorce with Calvert.

Now, Leah is hitting back and claiming that it was Jeremy who set the flirtatious tone that night.

She says she won't publicly reveal exactly what was said (possibly out of fear of biting the hand that feeds her by further criticizing MTV) but a source close to Messer has taken to publicly defending her:

"Leah wrote that because the show cut out everything on Jeremy's side," the insider tells People magazine.

"He was the one who was begging her to come back and to give him another chance. He was the one that coordinated the date and to try to make it work."

By way of explaining Leah's cryptic tweet, the source adds:

"The show was edited to make it seem like she was the one doing it and didn't show anything about Jeremy, and she wanted to set the record straight."

Of course, that doesn't change the fact that Leah and Jeremy are both in relationships and she was unashamedly flirting right back at him, but...at least she wasn't the only one looking to cheat?

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to see more of Leah's questionable romantic decisions. 

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