Laura Jalalli: Why Does My Son Liam Hate Aladin So Much?!

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Months before Laura Jallali was claiming to be pregnant, her son came for her wedding ... and basically told Aladin that he didn't trust or like him.

Is Liam just being a huge jerk? Or ... is he expressing some very real concerns about his mother's happiness and her future?

And will the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way spoilers we know change how viewers feel about this very awkward moment?

Aladin wants one on one time with Liam

On this week's 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Aladin confronted Laura's son, Liam, while they spent time in a bath house.

Now, in case you missed the episode, this wasn't a weird overture.

Bath houses are very common in a lot of places (yes, they exist in the United States, too).

And no, you won't get to see Aladin flaunt his sculpted body in whatever way you're imagining, either. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

As you can see in the video that we included, Aladin and Liam remain fully clothed.

Laura Video Chats With Aladin

"You know, it’s like tradition, this, for our wedding," Aladin explains to Liam, Laura's adult son.

He's clearly just making conversation -- putting off his more confrontational questions.

“You know," he continues. "Like, you come to the bath with all your friends, you know?"

"When you prepare for your wedding, it’s a lot of stress. A lot," Aladin correctly states.

He adds: "So this day, like, the day of relax, you know?"

Liam is not a fan of Aladin

Speaking to the camera, Aladin expresses his frustration with Liam.

"He come across the world," he remakrs. "And then he will prefer to stay in the hotel."

"It’s unbelievable,” Aladin expresses.

“It’s bother me," he admits. "Because he’s not show up for two days in my wedding."

"It’s weird, right?" Aladin asks.

Aladin Jallali

Now, Liam explains to him that he was really, genuinely sick.

Traveling and then eating unfamiliar foods in an unfamiliar environment can absolutely do you in. Vacations are sometimes ruined that way.

"Okay, that’s fine," Aladin says. "But I feel like maybe you have problem. Maybe you want to tell me something."

"I mean yes, I did have some complaints about you,” Liam reluctantly admits.

“And" he reveals. "I did make some comparisons to men in the past."

Laura and Aladin Try on Hats

Liam stresses that this is not a personal beef that he has with Aladin -- that Aladin didn't say or do something wrong, exactly.

"It’s not that you offended me," he promises his mother's new husband.

"it’s the way I’ve always been with my mother’s past relationships," LIam explains. "And you’re not any different."

"So," he concludes. "I’m just going to leave it at that."

All kinds of awkward, folks.

Laura and Aladin at the Beach

This conversation has really left a lot of fans divided.

Some see Liam as an awkward, confrontational guy who's unwilling to let his mother live her life.

Others think that he may have real concerns, and that he's seen a pattern in Laura's past choices in partners that we, the viewers, have not.

(Suffice it to say that he's not the only guy who tries to look out for his mom who has a history of making disastrous choices in husbands)

Given the recent allegations about Laura and Aladin's relationship, Liam may have been right on the money.

Here's a hint: last we checked, Laura was hanging out with Evelin Villegas. Yes, really.

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