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Most of us haven’t heard much from Paula Deen since she whined about being eliminated from Dancing With The Stars.

That’s just fine. This is a woman who might drop an n-bomb at any moment.

But even when she isn’t using hateful slurs, she can be vicious — like when she mocked the sudden death of Chef Carl Ruiz..

Smiling Paula Deen
(Dan Jackman/

Paula Deen was in Billings, Montana to appear on radio station Hot 101.9.

Speaking on The Big J Show, the disgraced former cooking show host was promoting her new cookbook.

But Paula Deen Cuts The Fat wasn’t the only topic of discussion.

The host mentioned the passing of the late Chef Carl Ruiz, who was only 44 years old and had run in some fairly famous circles.

Was Paula familiar with him?

"No, I’m not," Paula revealed when asked. "But I’m so sorry to hear that."

That is a tactful and respectful response. We only wish that she had left it at that.

"You know," Paula for some reason chose to remark. "They say the restaurant business will kill ya."

She followed up that very poor joke by cackling.

Paula then stated: "No pun intended."

That’s not a pun — it’s just insensitive.

Carl Ruiz

On Saturday, September 21, Carl Ruiz passed away in his sleep.

As devastating as that was to fans, it also came as a tremendous shock.

He was, after all, only 44 years old.

Investigators suspect a heart attack as the cause of death.

Countless fans are in mourning over the beloved chef.

Carl Ruiz

Carl Ruiz was well known in part because of his appearances on several of Guy Fieri’s shows.

Guy himself posted a mournful tribute to his fallen friend on Twitter.

"I’m heartbroken," he began. "That my friend chef Carl Ruiz is gone."

"I have no words to describe what a great friend he was to me and my family,” Guy expressed.

He gushed: “His ability to make me laugh and smile under any circumstances was only outshined by his talent as a chef."

Guy Fieri’s heartfelt message continued.

"Over the years," he wrote. "I’ve met a lot of great people"

"But," Guy noted. "A friend like Carl is one in a hundred million."

“Carl ‘The Cuban’ Ruiz will forever live on in my heart," he concluded. "And in those of all who loved him."

It’s important to remember that Guy Fieri has always been a good guy who uses his fame and talents to help people in need.

Paula Deen Brownface Photo

In contrast, Paula Deen was fired from television in 2013 after a scandal resulting from her repeated use of the worst racial slur in existence.

She was later sued by her own employees for using the n-word and also for allegedly having seperate bathrooms according to race.

Having black people use one restroom and white people use another isn’t just a shameful relic of a bygone era — it’s very illegal.

She went from being a woman beloved for deep-frying cheesecake to a woman reviled and abhored.

Is her distasteful joke about Carl Ruiz the worst thing that she’s ever said? Clearly not. But she should have known better — for all of these things.

It’s not entirely clear why anyone would be willing to have her own to promote her book. Talk radio must be desperate these days.