Lana Del Rey: "High By the Beach" Music Video is Full of Summertime Sadness

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It's a known fact that James Franco is in love with Lana Del Rey, and now we're pretty sure she's just teasing him by writing lyrics that sound like the treatment for a movie starring James and Seth Rogen.

And the fact that Lana just looks like her usual gorgeous, slinky self in the video, probably has Franco frantically taking nude selfies to send her at this very moment.

Yes, if you're a Lana fan, the video for "High By the Beach" has just about everything you could ask for:

California, sheer fabric, balconies, writhing, heavy artillery, death, and more writhing.

Disappointingly, Lana never actually twists one and burns it down, but hey, we all get our jollies differently. 

Maybe for Lana getting high means blowing a helicopter out of the sky. She's a bit of an odd duck.

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