James Franco on Lana Del Rey: We're Not Dating, I Just Want to Have Sex With Her Music!

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Over the summer, new rumors about Lana Del Rey and James Franco dating seemed to pop up every few days. 

Franco fanned the flames, posting photos of Lana all over his Instagram page, and at one point even "joking" about marrying her. 

Lana and James on Instagram

But based on an interview he gave Howard Stern this morning, there was never anything romantic between the artistes. NoJames just wanted to bang Lana's singing voice...or something:

"Sometimes I love a person's work," James said when asked about Lana. "But then outside of that it's sort of like...oh. Our dynamic is just that we're really great friends and we get along really well."

"But all this, whatever, sexual attraction is for the person in the work."

Franco went on to say that there will never be a sexual component to their relationship, but that he would like to "have sex with Lana's music."

Yep, that's Franco for you. Ask a simple question about who he's sleeping with and get a ten-minute response about having sex with music.

As you may have heard, the recent Sony Pictures hacking scandal has been linked to North Korean outrage over Franco's new film, The Interview.

The weird part is, dude could be single-handedly responsible for getting us all nuked, and his answer to the "Who ya bangin'?" question would still be the worst thing he's ever done. 

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