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On February 2, Kylie Jenner welcomed Baby #2 with Travis Scott.

The happy parents named Stormi’s little brother "Wolf."

Shortly after Stormi’s birth, Kylie released a video as tribute to her daughter.

Now, she has done the same for Wolf, chronicling her pregnancy from start to finish — including the moment of his birth.

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As is appropriate, Kylie Jenner’s video begins with her holding a positive pregnancy test.

(It would be super weird for it to start with the conception video, so this is the right place to begin)

She is clearly excited at the news … and she is not alone.

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Travis Scott is visibly delighted.

Kylie recorded him as he embraced her tummy, filming the two of them in the mirror during this candid moment.

Kylie and Travis are somewhat private about their lives (relatively speaking), so we don’t always get this kind of PDA.

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Kylie’s baby bump of course began to grow.

By this point, she had already told close loved ones, like last time.

Unlike last time, Kylie had a special guest along for her pregnancy journey.

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Becoming an older sibling is a huge deal — and an exciting one.

At three (almost four; she turned four one day before Wolf was born), Stormi is certainly old enough to understand the concept.

This sweet little girl had a lot to say in anticipation of getting a baby brother.

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Kylie even had Stormi with her as she recreated an iconic meme.

In fandom circles, "the next thing I knew, I was pregnant" is still used, more than four years after Kylie’s tribute to Stormi.

For Wolf’s tribute, Stormi got to speak excitedly to the camera as Kylie explained things.

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Stormi was not the only family member excited for a new addition to the group.

Momager Kris Jenner was over the moon to be looking forward to another grandbaby.

This time, she didn’t have Khloe and Kim with simultaneous pregnancies to divide her attention.

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Part of the video included a family gathering.

(Actually, a few parts of the video did)

One of Travis Scott’s absolute nightmare depictions of Stormi sat atop a massive inflatable slide.

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The celebration featured various relatives who shared their excitement.

Some of the eagerness was over the pregnancy.

Others simply praised Kylie and Travis as parents.

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Kim and Khloe made an appearance to share their excitement.

Being born as Kylie’s child is already winning the birth lottery.

Being spoiled by aunts like these is only part of that good fortune.

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Kylie also spoke about her pregnancy cravings this time around.

As many of us recall, she loved a popular-but-overrated California-based fast food chain during her first pregnancy.

While Wolf was still a work-in-progress, she had an insatiable craving for beef. Red meat was what she wanted for every meal.

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A tearful Kris sobbed with joy while speaking to the camera.

The world’s #1 momager is a complicated person, but no one questions her love for her family.

That is one happy grandmother.

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Kylie and Travis were sure to center Stormi in much of the video, keeping her involved at every step of the way.

(Notice how, in the background, Kanye is there next to Kris?)

This is a great way to build up anticipation and hopefully keep an older sibling from resenting or being jealous of a baby sibling.

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Stormi also took the camera on a tour of Wolf’s nursery, all decked out ahead of the birth.

He had an almost inhuman number of baby shoes already laid out in the closet.

That’s … a choice for someone to make for someone who will outgrow every pair long before he is even able to crawl.

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The video did not hold back, even showing Kylie as she was very clearly in labor.

The video did fade to black before she gave birth, but the audio included Wolf’s first cries.

Kylie and Travis’ sweet tribute ended by clarifying his date of birth.

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Kylie and Travis have yet to show Wolf’s face to the world.

That is just fine, and part of a growing trend of celebrities holding back what they share of their children.

It’s not just about their own privacy, it’s about their child’s. It’s a good thing for them to consider.