Kylie Jenner Plays a Zombie in Tyga's "Dope'd Up" Video: How's Her Acting?

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For months, we've been hearing rumors about Kylie Jenner pursuing a music career.

Obviously, the 18-year-old selfie queen doesn't need to pursue any sort of career, as she's already stacked enough cash to support herself and her D-list rapper boyfriend for a dozen lifetimes.

Still, it's only natural that a young woman in Kylie's position would want to prove that she's worth the money, the fame and the 40 million Instagram followers by sharing her talents with the world.

So we can only hope that Kylie is better at singing than she is at acting, because she just made her dramatic debut in the video for Tyga's new single "Dope'd Up," and, do we put this nicely?

Sadly, it looks as though Kylie possesses roughly the same acting talent as a first-time porn star who coped with her jitters by popping a quadruple dose of Xanax.

The video is a bizarre "Thriller" knock-off with Michael Jackson's unforgettable vocals replaced by Tyga's "rapping" (read: drawling the same slant-rhymed phrases over and over), and the classic dance sequence replaced with half-assed allusions to recent horror films.

The video's not great, is what we're saying, and Kylie's acting might be the worst part.

You'd think a girl who can't even refrain from making Snapchat videos while she's driving would be a bit more comfortable in front of the camera. 

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