Kylie Jenner Celebrates Instagram Milestone, Manages to Keep Clothing On

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Kylie Jenner has a long way go to until she catches Taylor Swift.

The singing sensation recently became the first human being to surpass 50 million Instagram followers, a feat she celebrated by posing online with her cat.

Kylie Jenner with a Crown

But Jenner is now 80 percent of the way to this figure, sharing a new photo on her social media account in honor of her 40 millionth follower.

"40 million followers???!!!!!!!!!! Wow. That's a whole lot of people," Jenner wrote as a caption to the above image.

Then, in a bit of an ironic move, Kylie encouraged people to actually leave Instagram in order to see more pictures, writing:

"I put up an exclusive @sashasamsonova shoot in honor of my dope ass fans only on and on my app."

Indeed: Kylie and her sisters have found a new way to make money on the World Wide Web.

They still share pictures and videos on Instagram, but they charge users for full access to their new websites and affiliated apps.

For awhile, Kylie was leading the way, surprising many by owning the most popular of these new creations kreations.

But sources now say Kim Kardashian is making a comeback komeback and her app is poised to known Kylie from her throne. 

Hence why Kylie is pushing her app on her Instagram page.

If only these women had any actual talent and actually did anything aside from posing for photos, we could stop playing this mind-numbing game of Internet carousel. Alas.

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