LeBron James Dresses as Prince, Sings "Purple Rain"

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LeBron James has won two NBA titles in his career.

But the Cleveland Cavaliers do-it-all small forward may have just come away with the biggest victory of his career.

Because James dressed the iconic musician Prince for Halloween in 2015 and wasn't merely content in just sitting around in the incrdeible outfit, either.

In the video below, we see excerpts of LeBron singing a few lyrics from Prince's most famous song, "Purple Rain.

Oh, yes. For real. We are not making this up.

Does this mean LeBron James just won Halloween? One can easily make such a case.

Yes, Heidi Klum dressed up in another wildly detailed and impressive outfit, attending her own party this year as Jessica Rabbit.

And Ellen DeGeneres created the character of Karla Kardashian, rocking some very large breasts and a decent-sized fake booty to be the fourth Kardashian sister.

And let's not forget how The Today Show and Good Morning America crews went all out; the former as Peanuts characters such as Charlie Brown and the latter as current relevant celebrities such as Donald Trump.

But none of these celebrities added singing or performing to their costumes.

None of them got as into character as LeBron does here.

The man known around the world as King James is clearly very familiar with Prince, both in terms of fashion and singing style.

Check out the amazing video below and then respond to the only question we have left at this point:

Should we now call him Prince James?

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