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It’s amazing to think about it, but Khloe Kardashian has been famous for about a decade and a half.

In that time, she has become famous for everything from her revenge body to being relentlessly cheated on.

Some of her past words and deeds are coming back to haunt her as the world prepares for the new Hulu series, The Kardashians.

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Khloe’s history of insensitivity, fetishization, and even using the N-word has a lot of people very disinterested in seeing her back on their screens.

A lot of people have said and done things and learned, over time, that these things were wrong.

Most were never members of hate groups, but repeated offensive jokes or held political opinions rooted in ignorance, and now regret that.

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Some things were well known even five, ten, or fifteen years ago. For one, white people should not say the N-word.

However, that is precisely what Khloe is doing in this recently resurfaced clip.

This isn’t a video of drunken rambling or acting out a horrible dare as an adolescent, either.

Khloe Has Been Photoshopping

This was Khloe speaking on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, addressing her family on camera.

"Hashtag fact," Khloe says almost painfully.

"My baby is Black."

It then gets worse.

Khloe Kardashian for Health Magazine

"Hashtag," she says, in cringe-worthy fashion, "I only like Black c–k. That’s what I would say."

Khloe then says: "All I get called is a N—-r-lover all day long."

"Who the f–k cares?"


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While Khloe’s words were blurred when the episode aired, figuring out what she was saying is not difficult.

While the use of the worst slur in the history of language is the focus, it is not the only issue.

It is, however, the simplest to address. Khloe has no business saying it.

Khloe Kardashian Makes Tone Deafness Look Sexy

This is not the only time that Khloe has used slurs, having also used ableist slurs and been slammed for it.

But this is the most inexcusable and most vile of them, and she says it without blinking — knowing that she’s filmed.

Why? It’s unclear.

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Perhaps Khloe felt that her association with Black people – having a Black daughter, only taking Black lovers – gives her some sort of "permission."

There is no license to say a slur. Only the people against whom it is directed can say it.

This is not complicated.

Khloe Kardashian Needs to Change Things

Outside of very specific contexts (portraying a racist in scripted media, giving a police report or courtroom testimony), why would Khloe even want to say it?

Khloe was describing hateful things that she is called by racists on social media.

In that context, it is even more bewildering why she would repeat the slur to her family, hard R and everything.

Khloe Works Out

This clip is only a few years old – but even if it weren’t, the N-word was known to be a slur long before Khloe’s birth.

At the same time, she spoke about her fondness for "Black c–k."

She sounded smug as she described her notorious fetishization of Black men and hinted at a fetishization of Black bodies.

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It’s no secret that Khloe feels this way, but nevertheless, it’s weird to hear her say the quiet part out loud.

Dating people of multiple races is normal and healthy, though some marginalized communities may choose to only date among themselves – for safety.

Khloe is a white woman.

Khloe Kardashian at the Reunion

To hear her speak this way about Black men highlights the nature of her interest.

Dating a Black man is just dating. Dating only Black men, as a white woman, is just half of the plot to Get Out.

Black men, just like everyone else, are people with good qualities and bad qualities and an array of features.

Khloe Confesses

For someone who is not Black to pursue Black men exclusively may sound flattering, but it is fundamentally dehumanizing to the "objects" of their affection.

This is not exclusively a Kardashian problem, or something experienced only by Black men.

Many marginalized groups know what it’s like to be objectified.

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As the clip of Khloe circulated on Twitter, people voiced their anger.

"They need to be canceled!! Why did Hulu even bother extending the life of this show??" one demanded.

Another wrote: "Dear @hulu, If you continue to enable the Kardashian family and give them a platform, I will cancel your service."

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Another tweet marveled: "Why doesn’t anybody talk about the fact that Khloe Kardashian said the N-word with the hard R on KUWTK??!?"

Honestly, part of the reason there may be that Khloe said it later on the series, when fewer people were watching.

Most of the memes born of the Kardashian clan date from many years ago. Much of social media has moved on from the show.

Khloe Kardashian Has Had Some Work Done

Khloe’s resurfaced video reminded people of other bizarre choices that she has made.

For example, in March of 2019, Khloe shared a post encouraging people to "love thy neighbor."

While she was clearly expressing her faith as a Christian and re-sharing someone else’s post, let’s take a look and see which of these stands out:

Love Thy Racist Neighbor?

The rest of the list was about who people happen to be — by race, by sexual orientation, by health condition.

No one is born a racist or with a genetic predisposition towards racism.

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We suppose (grudgingly) that one could argue that certain faith groups, especially within Christianity, would consider all people — even racists — worth of love.

That is not a universal belief. But it’s also not the only reason why Khloe’s ill-advised Instagram Story ruffled feathered.

Khloe has a Black daughter. She has a moral obligation to very-much-not-love any racist neighbors, for her child’s well-being.

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A lot of people whine about "cancel culture," in the same vein as these same people griped about "political correctness" in the ’90s.

What they mean is that they want to be able to say and do terrible things without consequence.

Everyone has a right to engage with or not engage with people who do bad things and the media in which they take part.

Khloe and Tristan at Kim's Birthday

Do people still want to see Khloe?

Only time will tell.