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Kendra Wilkinson does not mince words.

No one who knows who Kendra Wilkinson is should be surprised by this, but nevertheless, her comments still raises eyebrows at times.

Case in point? Her taking the E!Q in 42 quiz. Her rapid-fire answers to the network’s questions took an … interesting turn at the end.

K-Dubs’ favorite thing that begins with E!?

Ex-lax. Because ecstasy would be an answer that could get her in trouble … and because ex-lax is what she took yesterday, she says.

To be skinny today, naturally.

Not exactly information we needed, or a healthy thing we would recommend to anyone else, for that matter. But we digress here, people.

As for whether she prefers Prince William or Harry? Let’s just say there would be no Brexit going on there. Just a double Brentrence.

So to speak.

"Both … at the same time," she said, as if she were embarrassed to admit her fantasy of being involved in a royal English love sandwich.

To be fair, they are handsome fellas, though we imagine Kate Middleton will be FURIOUS if she gets wind that this interview occurred.

Just kidding. Despite what Kim Kardashian thinks, Kate has literally no clue who any of these trashy American reality stars even are.

Anyway, watch Kendra’s TMI interview below and see if you can get through a whole 42 seconds without cringing openly at your phone …