Kelly Dodd Mocks Campaign to Fire Her: I'm Rich and Can Say What I Want!

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Vicki Gunvalson isn't the only one who thinks that Kelly Dodd should be fired after the way that she repeatedly mocked COVID-19 deaths.

Fans launched a petition for Bravo to fire Kelly. If they hated her earlier videos, they are not going to like her response.

Kelly Dodd Mocks Her Haters

Kelly Dodd responded to the petition in a series of six videos shared to her Instagram Stories.

For your convenience, we have compiled those into a single video that you can watch here in this article.

On Saturday, May 23, Kelly recorded herself looking as deliberately relaxed as she possibly could.

She knows that fans want her gone after her callous remarks and spread of dangerous misinformation.

Kelly Dodd Speaks at the Season 14 Reunion

"I got a call from Braunwyn this morning," Kelly begins, referring to her castmate.

Braunwyn was "telling me about some Facebook 'hate group' that's texting Evolution, my production company, to 'fire Kelly Dodd.'"

That's an odd description.

We doubt that they are texting. And we also strongly doubt that the people she describes match the description of a "hate group."

Kelly Dodd Talks

"Well, you know what?" Kelly continues. "This has been happening for the last five years that I've been on the show."

There's a ... Tamra tried to get me fired and Vicki tried to get me fired," she recalls.

"So you guys ... get a life," Kelly instructs. "Do something positive.

"Maybe help people out," she suggests, "instead of being such haters."

Kelly Dodd Picture

"It's hilarious by now, okay?" Kelly says. "Get a life."

It looks like she had planned for this to be the end of her message ... but just couldn't help adding to it.

"Oh and then I get these, you know, i get a Google alert," Kelly tells the camera.

"Like a hundred [articles and blog posts]," she describes.

Kelly Dodd is Beautiful on Watch What Happens Live

"You know what?" Kelly challenges, feigning indifference. "Keep writing about me."

She dares entertainment news writers to keep addressing her controversies, "because you're just keeping me more relevant."

"So, you guys," Kelly claims, "I love it."

"I love it because you're keeping me relevant," she reiterates.

Kelly Dodd for Season 13

"So keep on writing about me," Kelly suggests.

She seemingly can't help but then refer to "all of these stupid little bloggers."

"Go ahead," Kelly adds. "It doesn't bother me. It's hilarious."

"So keep writing about me," she states yet again, "because all press is good press, as far as I'm concerned."

Kelly Dodd Flaunts Cleavage, Fiance Rick Leventhal in Mirror Selfie

"And," Kelly notes, "you are keeping me employed."

We have to point out that when entertainment news writers cover a story, it's generally because it's relevant.

Fans may be attempting to take down Kelly Dodd. We here are just writing about it, and explaining why her awful statements are so very bad.

But as you can see from this Instagram Story that Kelly shared on Monday evening, she just doesn't get it.

Kelly Dodd IG Story just let poor people die already

"It's not the government's job to protect my health," Kelly's Instagram Story reads. "It's the government's job to protect my rights."

"It's my job to protect my health," she insists.

"When you trade liberty for safety," Kelly whines, "you end up losing both."

Fun fact: one of the major jobs of any government is trying to prevent its citizens from dying en masse from preventable causes.

Kelly Dodd is Amused

We have to wonder if someone in Kelly's life has tried explaining to her that other human beings exist.

We can't imagine that it was very successful.

Some things, you can explain to people.

"You should care whether tens of thousands of people die from a preventable disease" seems like something that you either understand, or don't.

Dodd is Frank

But then, Kelly doesn't seem to think that the 100,000 Americans who have died, most of them alone and in isolation, are worth much.

The evidence of that callous disregard goes back much further than that "just let poor people die already, saving them is inconvenient" post.

Earlier this month, she recorded herself dismissing the mounting death toll, and then made flagrantly false comparisons to flu deaths.

Neither the death toll nor symptoms of COVID-19 are "like the flu," but she claimed otherwise on Instagram for reasons unknown.

Kelly Dodd on RHOC

Some people are blaming Kelly's penchant for misinformation and her apparent inability to care about other people on her fiance.

He does, after all, work for Fox News. They employ real journalists, but the higher up they are, the stronger the political slant of their "reporting."

But while her engagement to Rick has led Kelly to rub elbows with ilk like Donald Trump Jr., can her attitude be blamed on Rick?

It's not that all of Kelly's opinions are always bad. But this deranged selfishness and refusal to consider that she's wrong seems all Kelly.

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