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Dorinda Medley is the first to admit that she has taken on a different tone, to the point where fans have described her as "dark" this season.

Is the blowback at her from fans going to turn her into the show’s new villain?

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Andy Cohen’s remote interview with Entertainment Tonight included lots of juicy tidbits about Real Housewives.

In particular, he delved into plans regarding RHOC footage that was filmed before the pandemic forced everyone into lockdown.

But as you can see here, in the video included with this article, they then move on to RHONY and to Dorinda Medley in particular.

Does she really hate Tinsley Mortimer as much as it appears?

Photo via Bravo

In a word? No.

According to Andy Cohen, Dorinda was "not in a great place this season."

As we previously reported, Dorinda was grappling with a lot of different issues and stressors as this filmed.

"She’s got a lot of anger," Andy acknowledges.

Dorinda Medley Gets Aggressive
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"I think on the show it just looks like she’s so mad at Tinsley," Andy assesses.

"But," he continues, "when you take a more global view of what she’s got going on in her life."

"I think you’ll see that she’s got more going on that she’s upset about," Andy states.

But he’s not going to reveal whether or not this season includes Dorinda’s redemption arc or if that will be put on hold for the Reunion or next season.

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Speaking of Reunions, they talk about the The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Special.

Naturally, the ladies dialed in via a livestream, though one person in particular did not stay for the entire Reunion.

NeNe Leakes ghosted for part of the Reunion taping, and that’s a little surprising when you think about it.

"She had such a great second half of the season," Andy notes. "She made amends with everybody."

Dorinda Medley Promotes RHONY Season 12
Photo via Sophy Holland/Bravo

How often can anyone say that about NeNe, really?

Andy also notes that NeNe has a song out.

Which should give her extra incentive to participate in all of the stuff that she seems to think that she’s too good for.

But the stars who actually participated the whole time had some iconic moments of their own.

Kandi Burruss Says

Kandi Burruss, of course, said "I’m embedded in your motherf–king brain."

That’s one hell of an iconic line.

And then, of course, came what Porsha Williams said to Eva Marcille about her breasts.

"Girl, them t–ties are aged hens! They’re social distancing!" she announced, adding: "Don’t come for me!"

Photo via Bravo

That is one hell of a zinger, and Porsha knows it, which is why she immediately posed and smiled with satisfaction.

That’s also a deeply topical line to utter.

This brings us to the next topic, because in Andy’s eyes, the RHOA was more than just a success despite the pandemic.

He thinks that it perfectly encapsulates the moment as the stars express themselves from lockdown.

Porsha Williams Smiles with Satisfaction

It’s great that the ladies can still bring the drama while working from home, but it’s no real surprise.

In the meantime, even though fans had worries that Bravo will be out of Housewives after RHONY and RHOBH run their course, we’re in luck.

Andy says that season one of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City had wrapped before the pandemic forced everyone into lockdown.

As for when viewers can expect to see it for themselves, he says to "watch this space." In other words, he’ll let us know!