Vicki Gunvalson: Kelly Dodd Should Be FIRED for Mocking COVID-19 Deaths!

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Kelly Dodd has mocked the COVID-19 death toll and suggested that over 80,000 Americans somehow deserved to die in this horrific pandemic.

Her archrival and former castmate Vicki Gunvalson says that, even from Kelly, it's downright shocking.

Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson

On her Whoop It Up With Vicki podcast, Vicki is remarking about how strange it is that Kelly has no consequences for her vile words.

"Kelly will say whatever she wants to say no matter what," the OG of the OC reflects.

"And," Vicki comments, Kelly "has no recourse."

We can only assume that she meant repercussions. We all fudge our diction here and there.

Vicki Gunvalson is Incredulous

"Bravo brings her back every year," Vicki laments.

She then comments "and it’s just shocking to me sometimes…"

Vicki sort of trails off there, but it's no wonder that it's shocking.

Especially in light of how she and Tamra Judge are no longer part of the show.

Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge Dine Without Drama

"The truth is," Vicki predicts, "I don’t really believe that the show is going to be strong without us,”

“If Kelly and Shannon are really good friends?" she asks doubtfully.

Vicki casts further doubt upon the new bond: "I don’t know."

"It’s per season, you know?" she characterizes Shannon's shifting friendships. "There’s no length there."

Shannon Beador Gets Whacked on the Head

"Shannon was like, ‘Kelly’s hurt me too much, I’m not forgiving her,’" Vicki recalls.

Season 14 alone saw conflict between Shannon and Kelly, particularly after the latter whacked the former in the head with a mallet.

"And then all of a sudden," she adds, "we see a picture of [them with their partners] together."

Yes, the photo of the two women looking all buddy-buddy (fortunately snapped before lockdown and social distancing) was quite a shock.

John Janssen, Shannon Beador, Kelly Dodd, and Rick Leventhal

The OG has also been adjusting to the idea of ... not being a Real Housewife anymore.

"My feelings have been all over the map," Vicki says.

"And," she admits, "some days I’m like, ‘OK, good. This is the first year in 15 years; I don’t have to cry every day.’"

Oh no Vicki, that sounds very unhealthy.

Vicki Gunvalson All Glammed Up

Vicki explains why she found being a Real Housewife to be such an emotional rollercoaster.

She feels like crying regularly "when it’s either airing or filming or my feelings are hurt about something."

"And," Vicki recalls, "then I thought, ‘I’m not ready not to cry anymore."

We know what she means ... we think. Vicki, please know that you're allowed to cry just normally.

Vicki Gunvalson SCREAMS at a Producer

"It was part of the blood in my veins," Vicki says of her role as a Real Housewife.

"It was like a natural high," she characterizes the experience.

Vicki reveled in "filming and being a part of the cast and doing all of the press afterwards."

"And," she adds, "it was just part of my DNA."

Andy Cohen and Vicki Gunvalson Embrace

"I loved doing it," Vicki confesses.

Adjusting to retirement from Real Housewifedom has been, well, a real adjustment.

"So then," she continues, "I got back to being bitter and being fortunate that I had that opportunity."

It is natural to feel like an emotional pendulum when you are coping with a new reality.

Vicki Gunvalson is Glowing

At the moment, she is leaning more towards ambivalence.

"And now," Vicki expresses, "I’m kind of in the middle of the road."

"I’m not sad,' she explains, "and I’m not happy."

Hopefully, in time, Vicki will get there.

Vicki Gunvalson is in Shock

And when it comes to Season 15, Vicki feels a palpable sense of trepidation.

"It’s going to be hard for me to watch it," she confesses.

"I have a sense of ownership on it," Vicki admits.

"And it’s crazy that I do," she freely acknowledges, "but I do."

Vicki Tries to Make Amends

One could look at Vicki's comments about Kelly, marveling about how she keeps getting asked back, as sour grapes.

But last month, Kelly said that this deadly pandemic is "God's way of thinning the herd."

Just a few weeks later, she spread wild misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, made false comparisons to the flu, and shrugged at the death toll.

That sort of vile statement would get plenty of people fired from their jobs. Why not Kelly?

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