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A lot of things have happened this summer, so we won’t be mad if you don’t remember, but a few months ago, all the way back in May, Katy Perry released a song from her new album called "Swish Swish."

And as soon as she released it, pretty much everybody theorized that it was a diss track dedicated to none other than Taylor Swift.


It wasn’t all that difficult to believe that theory: after all, Katy and Taylor have been feuding for a few years now.

They dislike each other so much that Taylor wrote her own song about Katy, "Bad Blood."

Plus, the lyrics definitely seem to be about a nemesis of Katy’s, and what bigger nemesis does she have than Taylor Swift?

While she never came out and directly said "Yes, ‘Swish Swish’ is a song about Taylor Swift," Katy has made several comments about the feud in the months since the song’s release.

She’s openly confirmed the feud, and she’s even publicly forgiven Taylor and apologized for anything she may have done to hurt her.

Katy Perry Taylor Swift Grammy Awards Icons Salute 2010

But now that Katy went ahead and released the video, we just can’t see this thing as anything other than massive, massive shade.

For one, there’s the timing of it all: it’s sort of strange to release a music video for a song three months after releasing the song itself.

And it seems like a pretty big coincidence that she’d release it the very same day that Taylor released her long-awaited new single, "Look What You Made Me Do."

And for two … you really just have to watch the video.

It reads a whole lot like Taylor’s "Bad Blood" video — lots of celebrity cameos, a big battle, all that.

Katy Perry on CBS

But, of course, Katy puts her own goofy spin on it.

The setting is a basketball game against Katy’s team, the Tigers, and the Sheep, and Terry Crews and Molly Shannon act as coaches.

There’s also one of the kids from Stranger Things, an actor from Game of Thrones, that kid with the backpack that danced in her SNL performance, and Doug the Pug.

And of course Nicki Minaj is there to deliver her verse.

Katy has called the video "the hottest mess in history," and, well, she’s not wrong.

Check it out in all of its hilarious, insane glory below: