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With Tyler Henry’s endearing smiles and different celebrity guests every week, Hollywood Medium has an easy time winning people over.

But, obviously, every single conversation relates to somebody’s dead loved ones. So it’s a bittersweet experience. Sometimes there are tears.

When Tyler Henry sat down with Lil’ Kim in the video below, she asked the question that everybody wants answered: Who murdered Notorious B.I.G.?

Christopher Wallace, also known as Notorious B.I.G. but also as Biggie Smalls, was and remains one of the greatest and most influential rappers of all time.

Depending upon your age, you may just know him as the guy whose portrait was on the wall on Luke Cage.

Or maybe as the Blood Mary parody ghost on that one episode of South Park back in 2006.

But, trust us — he’s a legend.

He was also very famously murdered in a drive-by shooting on March 9th, 1997.

You know those instances when a singer passes away and their music tops the charts?

That happened to Notorious B.I.G.’s album, which was unfortunately titled Life After Death.

He was actually the first to posthumously top the charts like that.

He was lovers with Lil’ Kim during the ’90s and of course had a tremendous impact upon her career as well as influence upon her music.

So everybody paid attention when Lil’ Kim sat down with Tyler Henry.

But no, this isn’t an episode of some super weird crime drama, so Tyler Henry didn’t reveal who killed Notorious B.I.G.

He did have a lot to say about impressions that he got about Lil’ Kim.

"One of the impressions that did come through was a memory right before his passing, of him standing outside of a residence and he acknowledges this memory of looking out, taking a deep breath and the feeling is like his soul was preparing to go even though he consciously didn’t know what was about to fully happen."

Sometimes people realize that their life could be snuffed out at any moment.

But yes, he talks about the murder:

"It is interesting to note, he is having me bring up two people, two people, two people and showing me two people conspiring."

"There’s a feeling of almost like people talking or hearing that someone might not have wanted him to live. He’s showing me a symbol of death threat and then not taking death threat seriously, which would indicate if we don’t know who did it, many people would."

That seems to be particularly meaningful to Lil’ Kim, who spoke about that event:

"He was definitely at a party before it happened. I will say this, it was a little after 2Pac passed away. I remember he called us all in the room and he had a meeting with us. He was like, we have to stay tight. It’s almost like he felt something but no one else picked up on it. I took it very seriously."

That’s scary.

Tyler Henry of Hollywood Medium
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Tyler Henry spoke to ET about how Notorious B.I.G. spoke reassurances to Lil’ Kim rather than, say, banging posts and pans in Tyler’s head about how he was murdered.

"It’s always interesting to see what they prioritize in bringing through. You would think sometimes people would come through and bring up their death as the first thing and sometimes those are the people who don’t."

And Tyler was able to communicate to Lil’ Kim that she was Wallace’s soul mate.

"I truly think loving you was the greatest accomplishmenthis soul truly feels it was ever able to do."

That’s powerful.

Lil’ Kim has had some hard times in her life, before she met Notorious B.I.G. (she spent some of her adolescence living on the streets) and after, when she suffered from domestic abuse.

If you wonder why Lil’ Kim’s appearance has changed, it’s partly do to having to get nose jobs after being punched in the face.


But her life seems much better now, and Lil’ Kim even gave birth not too long ago.

We hope that this sit-down on Hollywood Medium provided her with whatever closure she needed.

Tyler Henry
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Some fans are doubtless frustrated that there wasn’t anything concrete about, you know, the famous unsolved murder.

But that’s not what Tyler Henry or the show are all about. it’s about closure and personal connections.

In the episode recap below, we see a few of Tyler’s interactions before he starts talking to Lil’ Kim.

But she is clearly brought a great deal of comfort. Comfort that wouldn’t come from chasing a decades-old murder suspect.

Isn’t that what matters?