Ramona Singer Totally Disses RHOP Star Gizelle Bryant!

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Fans of The Real Housewives of New York City cringed when Ramona Singer insulted Dennis Shields.

Even for Singer Stinger, that was too far. Now, Ramona's come into conflict with another Housewife.

She banished Gizelle Bryant from a group photo. And yes, there's video.

Ramona Singer Is Not Impressed

Ramona Singer and Gizelle Bryant both attended acharity event for a foundation belonging to model Flaviana Matata.

There, as you can see in the video captured by "Out In The Wild Podcast," Ramona bluntly snubbed Gizelle and forced her out of a group photo.

"I don't mind telling people to move out of a picture 'cause I do that all the time," Gizelle would go on to tell People TV's Reality Check.

"However, she saw me coming," Gizelle recalls. "And they asked me to take a picture with her"

"And she started running from me!" the Real Housewife of the Potomac marvels.

She emphasizes: "Literally, running from me!"

Gizelle Bryant Picture

"I was like, 'What is wrong with this woman? She's insane,'"Gizelle characterizes.

"It was so bad," she describes.

Gizelle points out that "she came and apologized to me later."

However, it sounds like she only did so "because everybody yelled at her for doing what she did," 

Gizelle did end up accepting Ramona's apology, if somewhat begrudgingly.

"I was like, 'Yeah, okay...'" she says.

Dolores Catania Promotes RHONJ

Ramona has plenty of critics who are less forgiving -- notably, Dolores Catania.

Earlier this year, Life & Style asked Dolores which Housewife she had "hated upon first meeting."

"Ramona," Dolores answered without a moment's hesitation.

She explained why: "Ramona's mean to people."

"She's rude," Dolores emphasized.

Ramona Singer on E!

"She acts like she doesn't know anyone," Dolores accused. "Even if she knows them."

"Listen, I meet a lot of people," she said in example.

"I don't always remember who I've met when they come up to me," Dolores confessed. "So I'm not rude to them about it."

"If someone asks me to take a picture," she said. "You f--king take a picture."

And her reasoning behind that policy makes a world of sense.

Ramona Singer Nearly Cries

Dolores is so accomodating to fans and photographers "because this is your f--king job."

"And without those people," she warned. "You don't have a job."

That's true enough -- if a Real Housewife stops being the talk of the town among fans, it can put their career in jeopardy.

"Ramona," Dolores said, laying into her. "You're nobody, a nothing."

"So next time somebody asks you to take a picture in front of the step-and-repeat at the [Bravo] Clubhouse, ... you f--kin' better do it!" she admonished.

Ramona Singer in Black

One of the primary jobs of a Real Housewife is to be dramatic, controversial, and entertaining.

But, as we've seen across a number of shows, even that has its limits.

If Ramona stops being entertaining and becomes seen only as a woman who is as rude to fellow Housewives as she is to fans, she could be in trouble.

Right now, though, she mostly seems to be rubbing castmates and other stars the wrong way.

That is the kind of drama that Bravo absolutely loves -- even if it doesn't do anything for Ramona's image.

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