Kailyn Lowry Loses It After Seeing Javi Marroquin on Life Support!

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If you're familiar with Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin, then you're likely aware of the couple's unusual trajectory over the years.

The Teen Mom 2 stars were once happily married parents of a young boy, only to become bitter enemies following a tumultuous breakup.

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin Kiss

It gets a lot weirder than that, though.

Since their split, they have become eager partners in a wide array of professional projects, keeping their union alive in a bizarre sense.

To wit, Kailyn and Javi appear on Marriage Boot Camp this season ... despite breaking up in public fashion and divorcing in 2016.

Yes, the minor detail that they're not married - and thus, presumably not in need of the boot camp treatment - apparently didn't serve as a deal-breaker for either the show's producers or the former spouses.

That's probably a good thing, as - let's be real here - MBC is really just a platform for celebrity couples to air their dirty laundry. 

Not much in the way of actual marital or relationship counseling takes place on the series, but there's plenty of drama to go around.

Kailyn and Javi Working Out

True to its name, however, when the show does feature exercises designed to bring its subjects closer together, it goes all out.

We're talking the Full Metal Jacket approach here. Reducing the participants to emotional puddles on the floor as cameras roll.

Take, for example, a scene from this week's episode in which the producers make it look as though Javi Marroquin is dying.

The goal? So Kailyn can somehow benefit from the trauma of seeing the father of her son Lincoln clinging to life support.

“This is f--ked up!” she shouts, clearly unmoved by the exercise.

Leaving the room while crying, she repeats, “This is f--ked up!”

What was the psychological byproduct of this after the dust settled, viewers might be wondering? You won't believe this ...

Javi, Kailyn and Son

In a leap of logic that's gargantuan even by the extremely lofty standards of Marriage Boot Camp, host Dr. V broke it down very profoundly.

She proceeded to glean a whole lot of information from Kailyn's reaction to what was essentially a customized haunted house:

“Seeing him on life support has brought up all these emotions and all these memories,” Dr. V said. “I bet there’s still some life in that relationship.”

Seriously. This is a thing that happened on television.

That's a bit like putting a rubber spider on someone's shoulder, waiting for them to jump and then being like:

"Clearly, your issues with your father have eight legs."

Javi Reacts

Bear witness to the dubious practices of the quote-unquote medical experts in the Marriage Boot Camp clip below, and tell us:

Has reality TV hit a new low? Which would really be saying something in an era where few if any things shock us anymore? 

Moreover, are Javi and Kailyn doing themselves a disservice by participating in such a show, or just getting their side hustle on?

All we know is that it makes you want to go back and watch Teen Mom 2 online to see Javi and Kailyn in happier times. 

Happier, simpler times.

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