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On Mama June: Family Crisis, June Shannon’s family struggles to cope with her drug use and downward spiral.

This latest episode featured June acknowledging that she wanted rehab and was ready … which made things so much more heartbreaking.

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Part of the most recent episode of Family Crisis dealt with Alana Thompson’s schooling plans.

She had been homeschooled by her mother, and there were questions about whether she technically qualified to be in her age group.

(Can you imagine her humiliation if she had to enter the school system a year behind in order to catch up?)

Fortunately, the school decided that she qualified as a high school freshman, and she was thrilled.

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But Alana was not the only one preparing to enter an institution that will improve her life.

June and Geno were infamously filmed after Geno, presumably under the influence, plowed the SUV into the garage door of June’s house.

The reality star came out of the house wearing a see-through gown and nothing else to coax him out of the car, with great difficulty.

The damage to the house is infamous, and can be seen repeatedly in the episode clip that we have included in this post.

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While a story of a disaster of a man hitting a house with his car may sound innocuous if no one was injured, this was part of a pattern.

By the time that she sold her house for well below its value, the once-nice home was essentially trashed.

There were boarded up windows, broken windows, and other pieces of unexplained damage that are not part of natural wear on a home.

Eyewitnesses described having seen piles of garbage and what appeared to be discarded syringes sitting around in random piles around the house.

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It does not help that the entire incident must have been humiliating to whatever degree of rational thought June had left in her at the time.

June eventually put on a shirt over her see-through gown, but not until after she had already been spotted and filmed by neighbors.

She then had to attempt to drag Geno, who was not fully clothed himself, into the house. June is, please remember, a tiny woman.

We’ve heard of women having to shoulder the "useless dead weight" of their boyfriends, but Geno made that very literal.

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(The good news is that Geno is now baring his arms and gaining weight, which may mean that he and June are really getting sober)

However, on the show, June was still well into her downward spiral.

For the family to learn about this incident while away from home was bad.

Seeing Doe Doe drive down the street where it happened and see children playing was a reminder of how serious this incident could have been.

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But that story almost had a happy ending, because June contacted production after ages of silence, and expressed her desire to go to rehab.

From Not To Hot production even made arrangements for June, and was prepared to drive her there.

We even see the process as production drives 

Then, the production coordinator emerges from the vehicle, knocks on June’s door, and waits.

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The camera repeatedly looks to the window of June’s bedroom.

The view alternates between the window, the front door, and the busted garage door.

There is no sign of movement from within the house.

If June and Geno are even there, they were clearly hiding until production left and June had missed her flight.

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Everyone had been consciously making an effort to limit their expectations.

Last time that June had entered rehab, Geno had signed her out days later, and the two were arrested a short time after.

But this time, June had been the one to reach out, indicating that she truly wanted to get batter.

And besides, rehab could help with her drug charges.

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So why in the world didn’t June, who wanted to go to rehab, go through with it?

Doe Doe, her sister, spells it out.

In her opinion, Geno was worried that a sober June would no longer fund his lifestyle — including drugs.

Worried about losing his meal ticket, Doe Doe theorizes, he must have talked her out of rehab.

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June’s fear of losing Geno was also what stopped her from accepting rehab during her previous intervention.

This time, Lauryn reacts with frustration, scolding herself for getting her hopes up.

She is afraid to tell Alana because she will be crushed, but her husband, Joshua Effird, encourages her to tell the truth.

At the end, the family grappled with the scandal after Alana pretended to snort cocaine, with Lauryn fearing that she could lose custody.