June Shannon and Geno Doak: Are They Getting Married?!

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Fans have already seen the From Not to Hot trailer. New episodes begin on Friday, June 15!

But this video offers a number of sneak peeks into upcoming footage, including a very telling scene in which June and boyfriend Geno Doak are looking at wedding dresses.

June is talking about marriage for the first time in her life, folks. Are they going to take that next step?

Geno Doak and June Shannon on the Couch

Before the preview video that we've included gets to June trying but failing to get into a size 8 dress, she heads to the dress shop to pick up her dress.

While there, she and boyfriend Geno end up looking at dresses.

(After she explains to him that the "headband" that he points out is, in fact, a tiara)

Shannon's eyes light up when she looks at wedding dresses.

"This could be us," she says.

Geno, who likes to deflect with humor, replies:

"You better stay away from the dresses, you might be blinded by all that white."

June Shannon and Geno Doak Look at Wedding Dresses on From Not To Hot

No one is more surprised than June that she suddenly has her eyes on wedding dresses.

She confesses to the camera:

"Walking into the dress shop and seeing wedding dresses is like ... I wanna wear one of those one day."

She did wear a camouflage dress for a commitment ceremony with Sugar Bear back before they parted ways but ... clearly she has something a little more traditional in mind.

"And it's kind of crazy for me to say that, because I've never said that before."

It sounds like June is head-over-heels for Geno. 

Geno Doak and June Shannon in Bed

Geno, of course, made several jokes about the wedding dresses.

In front of the cameras, June turns to Geno and says:

"I know you're just teasing. You know you want to lock this body down and put a ring on it."

Geno replies with humor:

"If you're insistent on getting married, I feel we’re close enough ... I could walk and give you away."

Mama June gets very frank with the camera, saying:

"I think Geno wants to get married to me, but I think he's scared because his first marriage failed."

June Shannon and Geno Doak Make Out

Other parts of the video feature other teasers of what is to come.

There may be some more discussion of June Shannon's brush with blindness.

Sugar Bear and Jennifer Lamb continue their romance.

Jennifer is worried about her health and eager to lose weight, but she knows that Sugar Bear prefers larger women and so she is hesitant to tell him.

In the mean time, Pumpkin and Josh are still dealing with the fact that they are new parents with a baby.

(Fair warning, there is a diaper change, and there is some excrement footage within the trailer ... ugh)

June Shannon Knows Her Worth

During all of this, Alana has been booted out of her bedroom to sleep on the couch while her room was turned into a nursery for Ella-Grace.

Which, frankly, seems extremely unfair to Alana, who is not the one who got pregnant. Surely the crib could have gone into the room with Pumpkin.

A nursery is not more important than a bedroom for an almost teenage girl. And if one of the girls is going to lose her privacy, it might as well be the one who had the baby, right?

Speaking of unfair things, Geno gets Alana a cat in an effort to cheer her up. It doesn't seem like anyone knows how to interact with a cat, or perhaps they read a list of things to not do and mistook it for a list of how to treat a cat.

(We hope that someone from the production crew gave them some advice, for that cat's sake)

So, we don't know if June and Geno are headed to the altar.

But they sure are teasing that it's a possibility.

We suppose that we'll just have to watch and see.

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