June Shannon: I'm Going BLIND in Both Eyes!

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Mama June only just got hot. We hope that she spent plenty of time admiring her new shape in the mirror, because she might never again see her reflection.

In the clip below, June Shannon's boyfriend walks into the room to ask June what's wrong.

It turns out that she's going blind.

June Shannon in Bed

June Shannon is 38 years old. That's awfully young to be losing one's eyesight.

Then again, she's also a grandmother -- Lauryn Shannon welcomed her baby girl last December.

As you'll see in the video below, last week, June Shannon calls for her boyfriend.

She's laying in bed, looking distrought ... but doesn't seem to be looking at anyone or anything.

From Not to Hot - Geno Doak

June's boyfriend, a man named Geno Doak, comes in to help.

He looks concerned ... but he's also asking June if she's messing with him. He is, after all, fairly new to reality television.

(There's really no way of knowing how much is planned, but while the actually blindness issues surely weren't planned, it's likely that this conversation was -- but that doesn't mean that it was rehearsed)

June says that she's losing vision in her one good eye -- because her eyesight has been deteriorating for years.

She describes a "black circle" obscuring what she sees. That's, um, alarming.

From Not to Hot - June's blindness

"What if I lose sight in my good eye?" June openly worries. "I went totally blind in my right eye four years ago!"

Geno helps June get up from her bed.

(Her room, though sparsely decorated and with a pretty boring carpet, has a gorgeously bold wall painting choice -- we haven't really mentioned this before, but June Shannon's house has some great paint choices on the interior).

June calls for Alana (that's Honey Boo Boo herself, folks) and the two of them head to the doctor.

This is absolutely the right choice. There can be a number of causes for sudden blindness or near-blindness, and none of them are good.

From Not to Hot - June's bedroom

As we said, loss of vision can have a number of causes.

(Non-fun fact: I once lost my vision for a matter of minutes -- did you know that some people lose their vision after riding roller coasters? It's called a "grey out." I didn't know that either until it happened to me, and I didn't know the term until years later)

In June's case, the doctor diagnosed her with a detached retina.

If your first thought was that Mama June was a victim of some sort of violence (she's opened up in the past, accusing Sugar Bear of having beaten her and her daughters), know that there can be a number of causes.

One of the potential causes is good ol' inflammation. Another is neovascularization (the natural growth of new blood vessels).

In any case, the solution is eye surgery, which was promptly ordered for Mama June.

From Not to Hot - June gets up

June Shannon is concerned over the idea of being disabled.

"I don’t want to lose my independency," she says, unintentionally lightening the mood.

A preview for the next episode shows Mama June Shannon wearing a white eye patch, complete with googly eyes.

Technically, Mama June only has a 50% chance of restored vision after she recovers from surgery.

Of course, we can all infer that this story has a happy ending, since Mama June flaunted her weight loss at a premiere just last month and didn't seem to have any trouble while she was doing it.

Still, this must have been a terrifying experience for her.

Take a look:

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