Teen Passes Out in Shower, Drowns After Her Hair Clogs Drain

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Sometimes, tragedy strikes without warning or reason or even an intelligible sequence of events.

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This awful, tragic story may remind some people of the Final Destination horror films.

But Brianne Rapp was a very real 17-year-old girl whose family, friends, and classmates are all grieving.

On Friday morning, it appears that she either slipped or lost consciousness while showering while getting ready for school.

What sounds like a frightening accident became worse when, it is believed, her hair somehow stopped up the drain of the shower, causing water levels to rise.

Brianne remained unconscious despite the water, and investigators say that she drowned in her own shower.

This is a senseless tragedy, and her family is deeply in mourning.

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Brianne was a junior at Butler Area Senior High School. 

Her father, Michael Rapp, who is still reeling from the loss of his daughter, does his best to describe what unfolded on Friday morning.

He says that, because of her thyroid condition, Brianne had to take a medication that could occassionally cause blackouts.

"We’re thinking she blacked out in the bathtub and fell and hit her head and was found by my ex."

Brianne's mother was asleep while Brianne got ready.

Michael can only guess as to some details.

"We don’t know if maybe hair clogged the drain but the tub overflowed."

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Michael says that he learned this when his ex called him.

"She was hysterical on the phone and she told me she was gone."

That is a vague way of telling him, but sometimes people have trouble putting such dire news into words.

"I thought maybe she ran away or something."

That would be any parent's nightmare, but still preferable to this tragedy.

"I didn’t realize she meant she passed away."

He says that he is proud that his daughter was such a beloved person to have so many people saying such kind things about her.

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As we mentioned, Brianne is mourned by many of her friends and classmates.

Her friend Kaylee eulogised her on social media, writing:

"RIP Brianne Marie Rapp."

This must have been so difficult to write.

"I am gonna miss you so much, we had so many plans that we didn't get to. But that's okay because I got tons of memories with you."

When you lose a friend suddenly, you treasure what you had together.

"You were always there for me and I was always there for you. We were sisters."

She is not the only one to describe Brianne that way. That is so sweet.

"So while you are up there, so show them people the crazy you because if you don't show them that then they won't know the true you."

She signs off.

"I love you so much [black heart emoji] Fly high babe."

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Brianne's parents -- and her brother -- aregrappling with this unimaginable loss.

So are her friends and classmates. A sudden tragedy like this can change how you view the world and the entire rest of your life.

And very few teenagers have the experience that would prepare them to deal with this. 

We hope that all who are grieving get the support that they need.

Rest in peace, Brianne.

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