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In the wake of the revelation that Bill Cosby drugged women with the intent to rape them, the few remaning celebrities that were supporting the embattled comic have been quickly distancing themselves.

You won’t find any backpedaling from Judd Apatow, however, as the beloved filmmaker has been an outspoken Cosby critic from day one of the shocking sexual abuse scandal.

Apatow stated that Cosby "belongs in jail" way back in January.

Earlier this month, he slammed Whoopi Goldberg for supporting Cosby and encouraged her to focus on the victims. (The shocking part is, it looks like that approach worked.)

Now, Apatow is using the deadliest weapon in his arsenal to put Cosby in his place.

The father of two young girls took the stage on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show this week to deliver a blistering standup set in which he shows no mercy to "America’s dad."

It may be comedy, and the audience might be laughing – but Apatow is clearly delivering a somber and serious message.