Joy-Anna Duggar Squats 145 Pounds While Wearing a Skirt! Watch the Amazing Video!

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Joy-Anna Duggar might not receive as much press as her older, more married sisters, but that's only because while they're off doing girly things like getting pregnant, Joy-Anna is living life like she's in a training montage from a Rocky movie:

Possibly pregnant Jessa Duggar posted the above video with a caption explaining that the long-skirted, long-haired beast mode lifter in the clip is not an extra from Braveheart, but in fact, her younger sister:

"Joy-Anna was tearin' it up in the workout room today!" Jessa wrote. "She beat her previous record by parallel squatting 145 pounds!"

Yeah, that's probably about what Joy-Anna weighs, which means it's a seriously impressive feat.

As for her workout attire, Joy-Anna is rocking a skirt that goes below her knees, as is required of Duggar women.

Naturally, it wouldn't be very lady-like to do squats in a skirt, so Joy-Anna is also wearing a pair of sweatpants underneath her skirt, because...we're not really sure why. Wouldn't the sweatpants have done pretty much the same job on their own?

Anyway, seeing this display of Joy-Anna's physical strength makes us think she might have a shot at a welterweight title some day, but more importantly she could become the mythical Duggar Who Breaks Free.

For years, everyone Jana Duggar would be the one to break away, but from the looks of this video, we're guessing Joy-Anna has more in mind for her future than just changing diapers.

Plus, she's gotta be pissed at her folks for naming her Joy-Anna. We know it's hard to come up with that many "J" names, but sheesh.

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