Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya: Are the 90 Day Fiance Stars Ready to Be Parents?

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At first, Jovi Dufren didn't believe that Yara Zaya was pregnant when she told him the news.

It was a mixture of some normal doubts, the trauma of their miscarriage, and Yara's habit of pranking him.

In this clip, Jovi finally comes to terms with the fact that he and Yara are going to become parents.

Then, new doubts arose: were they ready to take this journey together and welcome a child?

Jovi Dufren tells the camera why he's so full of doubts

Yara endured the high anxiety experience of taking her first pregnancy tests while Jovi was traveling for work.

All alone in New Orleans, she discovered that she was pregnant -- after fearing that she would never be able to have children.

When Jovi returned, she had to tell him, and then convince him that her pregnancy was no prank. This was really happening.

Yara Zaya - two line, Jovi, like always

Fans immediately wondered if they were ready for a child.

From the start of the season, many doubted that these two could even make it to their nuptials.

Yara and Jovi were clearly different people ... and one of the few things that they were perceived as having in common was selfishness.

Jovi Dufren bleeped test results reaction

But hearing them speak about it for the first time on camera ... you get the impression that, even being caught off guard, these two can prepare for it.

Jovi immediately apologized for having been such a jerk and for doubting Yara.

He then spoke about how things with his job will be changing over time anyway, so he wants to take things one step at a time.

Yara Zaya - do you think you're ready to be a dad?

Yara asks Jovi if he is ready to become a father. It's a serious question.

He says no -- but assures her that he will be ready when the baby comes.

Right now, they have a lot of preparations to make, including going to a doctor and finding out the due date.

Yara Zaya - but not 100%?

"But you're not 100% ready," Yara acknowledges to Jovi.

He agrees that this is true.

Then, Jovi asks Yara if she feels ready to become a mother to their future child. Her answer may be a little surprising.

Yara Zaya - but what can I do?

"No," Yara answers honestly. "But what can I do?"

She has accepted this pregnancy news as reality, and adopted the well, I guess that this is happening attitude.

Jovi then assures her that he thinks that she's going to be a great mom. Of that, at least, Yara has no doubts.

Yara Zaya - I know I will be (a good mom)

It is believed that Yara welcomed their child some time in September of 2020.

At the time when they conceived this rainbow baby, they could not have know that the United States would be ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is unclear just how far along 90 Day Fiance's cameras filmed their story, or if their story will be followed in future seasons or on Discovery+ spinoffs.

Yara Zaya - positive, pregnant

This was a very realistic look at how some couples of young, beautiful twenty-somethings who are still figuring out life and relationships approach becoming parents.

Is it perfect or ideal? Of course not. Yara and Jovi are still trying to agree on things like home decorations and even where that home should be.

But life is often messy. What matters now is that these two create a stable, loving, supportive environment for their future child. They can absolutely do that.

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