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Jordyn Woods is heralding the New Year with a video, and this time, she’s not taking a polygraph test.

She welcomed 2020 with open arms … and some sensational twerking. See for yourself!

New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration — especially when your entire life was turned upside down in 2019.

Jordyn Woods had, well, a rough year, so it was wonderful that she got to let loose and usher in this new year.

(The milestone of new years and new decades may be arbitrary, but psychologically, leaving behind a rough year can be a relief)

Take a look at her phenomenal twerking.

Wearing a tantalizing top and some comfy-looking checkered pants, Jordyn Woods was an absolute bombshell — as always.

We’re just going ot level with you — she has an absolutely insane booty.

Never has that been more apparent than in this brief clip, where she is shaking it for all that she’s worth.

Sometimes you see "twerking" clips where it just looks like someone is bouncing a little, not twerking. Meanwhile, Jordyn is bringing the house down.

Jordyn Woods Stuns in Cerulean

As you can imagine, a number of people immediately thought of Jordyn’s unfortunate scandal with Tristan Thompson from early in 2019.

"I can see why Tristian wanted a piece of that," opined one commenter.

"Looks like a hood party to me! Pretty and Ghetto!" another praised, forgetting that rich people can also twerk. "F it up sis!"

"That’s how she ended up on Tristan lap the first time," another joked. For the record, there was never any proof of that rumor.

"I love how she’s become more of herself since the split with her bestie," another raved.

Sometimes, self-actualization is difficult when you’re living in the shadow of an influential billionaire.

"The Kardashians worked hard to destroy her image," another observed, "but Jordyn worked 10x harder to keep it alive."

"Kardashian’s wish they were built like her!!!" another declared.

Spill, Jordyn. SPILL!

That last comment … may actually be making a really great point.

It’s no secret that the Kardashians go above and beyond to alter and augment their bodies.

We’re not even being tin hat conspiracy theorists about comestic surgery.

Lip-fillers are not a conspiracy theory. Makeup and wigs are not a conspiracy theory. And we all know that Khloe gets up before dawn to work out.

Jordyn W.

Some fans are asking if Khloe felt extra insecure because, even after her spectacular body transformation, she doesn’t have Jordyn’s booty.

If so, could that be why Khloe was so quick to assume that the wild rumors about Jordyn and Tristan were true?

Could that be why, even after Jordyn explained that Tristan had given her an unsolicited kiss and that was all, Khloe banished her from the whole family?

Khloe’s misdirected anger at that time has never made sense to a lot of fans. Could it be that she envied Jordyn and that’s why she lashed out?

Jordyn Woods in a Bathing Suit

Speaking of body transformations, Jordyn also shared a workout video that we have included with this post.

"NEW YEAR, NEW YOU…It’s time to put yourself FIRST," Jordyn’s caption begins.

She writes: "So many of you have already transformed your bodies using my workout plans."

"And now I’m giving more of you a chance to start today with a New Year’s sale!" Jordyn adds.

We respect that girl’s hussle.