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This week, the world beheld never-before-seen footage of Jordyn Woods getting grilled while taking a lie-detector test.

In recent days, Khloe has been all about "forgivess." But now? She’s changing her tune.


Khloe didn’t just declare to the cosmos that she’s forgiven Tristan Thompson for cheating on her multiple times with an unknown number of women.

She actually got defensive, reminding fans that it’s her choice to forgive him if she likes.

That’s true, but fans also have the option of disapproving of that forgiveness and the message that it sends.

Khloe even affirmed that her forgiveness extends to all who have wronged her — even Jordyn Woods, whose life was kind of ruined.

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Then came the footage of Jordyn Woods sitting down for a dang polygraph.

Jordyn took the test earlier this year, right after the scandal broke, and the test was administered by an expert with decades of experience.

In the strongest terms, Jordyn confirmed that she had not slept with Tristan. She has always said that he kissed her without her consent.

Jada Pinkett Smith herself confirmed that Jordyn passed "with flying colors."

Khloe has in the past made it clear that she is furious at the idea that Jordyn would speak out about the scandal, even in an effort to clear her name.

That does not appear to have changed.

For years, Khloe has used simple platitudes and similar phrases on Instagram as unsubtle vagueposts about her life and her enemies.

This time, she shared an Instagram Story that reads: "Liars are always ready to take oaths."

In case that message wasn’t crystal clear enough, Khloe had more to share to her Stories.

And like we said, she is no longer singing a merry tune about peace, enlightenment, and forgiveness.

"Stop being so f–king forgiving," the post strongly advises.

The advice declares that "People know exactly what the f–k they’re doing."

Khloe also shared another post that contains advice that she herself should probably have taken this week.

"Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter or broken," the Instagram Story suggests.

For the record, that is just as true for those typing fingers that post to Twitter.

The advice reads: "Hush until you’re healed."

Khloe Kardashian Has an Expressive Face

Khloe posts these "vague" pieces of advice to give herself plausible deniability while sharing her frustrated feelings.

Back when Jordyn actually appeared on Red Table Talk to discuss this scandal early this eyar, Khloe put her on blast.

In a furious tweet, she ccused the young woman of "ruining" her family. Backlash was so intense that Khloe had to walk back her words.

Her primary frustration seems to be that Jordyn is sticking to her story and speaking out instead of vanishing silently in the night.

Jordyn Woods Photo
(Getty Images for AHA)

Jordyn and Kylie were best friends for years before this. Suddenly, Jordyn lost her bestie, her home, and part of her business in just a few days.

Jada Pinkett Smith may be the only acquaintance of Jordyn’s who does not give a single flip about Kardashian clout.

That is why she interceded, letting Jordyn speak up and tell her side of the story while she was being buried by all sorts of accusations.

Khloe can be angry at Jordyn if she likes; it’s a free country. But her anger at her always seemed out of proportion compared to how she treats Tristan.

And let’s make no mistake. Jordyn describes receiving an unsolicited kiss from Tristan. He’s the bad guy in every version of this story.