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In May of last year, JoJo Siwa stunned fans by revealing what she actually looks like when she’s not in costume.

As we reported at the time, hordes of fellow teen girls who viewed that TikTok were nothing short of thirsty.

JoJo decided to mark Inauguration Day with a joyous TikTok of her lipsyncing to "Born This Way," Lady Gaga’s LGBTQ+ anthem.

She was also seen filming at Pride House LA. Was this her way of coming out? Fans think so — and hope so.

"Born This Way" was always meant as a shout-out to Lady Gaga’s LGBTQ+ fanbase.

At a time when Marriage Equality was still just a dream, where so many gay teens were dying by suicide, Gaga wrote an anthem of affirmation.

It included people of many orientations and genders, taking a stance of pride in who they are.

JoJo Siwa Smiles in Wonder

The Wednesdays of this particular January have been busy, from the pro-Trump insurgents attacking the Capitol to Trump’s second Impeachment to President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

JoJo, for reasons known only to her for the moment, decided to mark that third occassion with a TikTok video in which she danced jubilantly in her chair while lipsyncing to "Born This Way."

Given the song’s lyrics, many people who are gay, bi, trans, or otherwise part of the LGBTQ+ community have used the song as part of their Coming Out over the past decade.

That was not all, because JoJo also appeared in someone else’s TikTok … this time at Pride House LA.

Instagram Influencers and TikTok stars sometimes travel to destination houses. Pride House LA is in Los Angeles, and it is a place for LGBTQ+ TikTokers to visit and record.

JoJo was not alone in dancing there to "Ain’t It Fun" by Paramore, as she was accompanied by Mollee Gray, Garrett Clayton, and others.

JoJo Siwa Looks SO Different

You can see both of those short TikTok videos, as we combined them and included them in this post for your convenience.

As you can imagine, her fans on social media absolutely exploded with excitement.

Was this JoJo’s way of coming out as bi or a lesbian or some other LGBTQ+ identity? We … obviously do not know.

Some fans are doubtful, of course, and made that clear.

They pointed out that JoJo may have just been filming with friends and jamming to a very good song.

It was also suggested that JoJo may even have been subtly celebrating President Biden’s inauguration with a nod to the people his administration is already protecting from discrimination.

Others, however, had already been aboard the "JoJo Isn’t Straight" train, with some fans pointing to JoJo and another girl appearing in TikToks appearing to have matching Touch Bracelets.

Touch Bracelets are subtle pieces of jewelry that wirelessly let couples "touch" across distances — so long as they have internet access.

While we cannot attest with certainty that both young women’s bracelets are connected to each other, they are favored by people in long-distance relationships, people on work trips, and people who are dating while closeted.

JoJo Siwa in NONSTOP

JoJo has not spoken to clarify, well, literally any of this. And, of course, she does not have to.

Her sexuality, her labels, and her relationships are hers to define and not anyone else’s, and she doesn’t owe people anything.

Some even question whether JoJo, who is still a minor, would even be permitted to Come Out at this time. (Cue the Orphan Black meme)

JoJo is currently at her height of popularity, something that is easy to miss if you are an adult with no children and also no clowns in your household.

She has been selling out stadiums and racking up music video views. If she were to come out now, it could be powerfully positive for countless fans.

But until JoJo herself says something in her own words, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions … but anyone who wants to feel excited is 100% valid.