Jess Caroline EXPLODES at Colt Johnson: You Cheating Liar!

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After last week's episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Jess Caroline showed viewers proof that Colt Johnson had lied to her for weeks about his "friendship" with Vanessa.

On Season 5, Episode 9, we see the moment that Jess first learned this ugly truth for herself -- thanks in part to Debbie's scheme.

We also get to see the aftermath as a brokenhearted Jess flips out on Colt.

She storms back into the hotel to pack her bags, making sure to throw her shoes in fury when Colt tries to pepper her with lies and justifications.

Jess has finally realized that everything that Larissa had warned her about was true.

Larissa had warned her that Debbie was a "wolf." That Colt was a "demon." That he certainly had at lleast one side piece and she would know that it was true because he hid his phone from her.

Jess didn't believe Colt's ex-wife at the time. Piece by piece, she learned that it was true the hard way.

But no one expected for the results to be so explosive.

Watch it go down for yourself:

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