Jess Caroline: I Can PROVE that Colt Johnson is a Cheating Liar!

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers already know that Colt Johnson lied to Jess, a lie that Debbie used to sabotage their romance.

Now, Jess is offering up proof of the insidious tricks that Colt used to lie to her and play her like a puppet so that he could stay on TV.

Colt Johnson and Vanessa

On this week's 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, we all saw Debbie name-drop Vanessa "innocently" into a conversation.

It was a deliberate ploy to sabotage Colt's romance with Jess, because Colt had lied to Jess by claiming that he no longer speaks to Vanessa.

Debbie's evil plan worked like a charm, and while she accidentally did Jess a favor, Jess was furious with Colt for lying to lying to her like this.

Jess Caroline - Vanessa's a bitch

Jess Caroline has now shared what she says are messages that Colt told her that he sent to Vanessa and then shared with her to calm her down earlier in their relationship.

"Hey, I don't know what you're doing, but I love Jess," Colt appears to have written.

"And she's my girlfriend," the message reads, "not you."

Vanessa Sits Down for Dinner

"She told me you are divorced," Colt appears to have texted Vanessa.

"But," he declared, "I don't care!"

The message from Colt then concludes: "Leave me alone and stay out of my life!"

Debbie Johnson chats with Vanessa

According to Jess, Colt sent her a screenshot of all of this in order to assure her that he was not super close with Vanessa.

Also according to Jess, it was nothing but a huge lie that Vanessa and Colt concocted together to deceive her.

These texts were just a deception.

Colt Johnson fake texts to Vanessa via Jess Caroline

"This is the proof how they lied and manipulated me the entire time," Jess accuses.

Notably, it is not a surprise to anyone that Jess and Colt broke up last year. We here at THG reported it at the time.

In fact, Colt moved on to another woman ... only to reportedly cheat on her with, you guessed it, Vanessa.

Debbie Johnson creates problems on purpose

"When I started to suspect about their affair," Jess explains on her Instagram Story.

One could almost imagine that Jess was being paranoid or even controlling at the time ... if we didn't know what we know.

"I questioned him," she shared, "and he sent those screenshots to me."

Jess Caroline - just me crazy?

Since then, however, the veil of deception has been lifted.

"Vanessa told me he called her and [they] both agreed to fake the conversation," Jess reveals.

"This way," she explains, "I would calm down and he could finish the season with me."

Jess Caroline Admires Colt Johnson on the Beach

"Then, after that, they could be together," Jess laments.

Jess adds: "(like they are now)."

It is a horrible thing to realize that you have been used by someone whom you thought that you loved.

Debbie Johnson hears - did you know that Jess had a problem [with Vanessa]?

“He’s a liar, a cheater, [and] a [piece] of trash," Jess describes Colt.

She very illustratively described him as "hiding under his [mother’s] skirt."

Many fans believe that Colt and Debbie have a dysfunctional relationship of mutual dependence, one that excludes outsiders from getting "too close."

Jess Caroline IG - this is proof of how Colt lied and manipulated me

In a follow-up post to her Instagram Stories, Jess chared the depths of her heartbreak at this betrayal.

"What hurt me the most is they knew what they were doing," she writes.

Jess laments that they planned to discard her in such a conscious manner "and made me involve my family in this circus."

Colt Johnson Makes Out With Jess Caroline in Front of Debbie Johnson

No one likes to feel used, to be betrayed, or to be a pawn in someone else's weird games.

Some wonder if 90 Day Fiance fans will start to realize that Colt and Jess have made very similar statements about Colt's true nature.

Others suspect that viewers will continue to laugh and disparage the "loud women" on screen instead of the man who wrongs them.

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