Jerry Seinfeld Denies Kesha Hug Request. Repeatedly.

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Anyone who has watched Seinfeld is well aware that the show's main star is not a fan of obligatory hello kisses.

There was an entire episode dedicated to how Jerry would go to extreme lengths in order to avoid pecking a female friend on the cheek upon greeting her.

But apparently Kesha missed this one.

Much to her current embarrassment.

Kesha in DC

On Tuesday night, both Kesha and Jerry Seinfeld attended the David Lynch Foundation's A Night of Laughter and Song at the Kennedy Center.

At one point on the red carpet, the iconic comedian was talking to a reporter about being tired and trying to sleep when the singer rushed over and told Seinfeld how she loves him “so much.”

Jerry was a bit taken aback, but he acknowledged Kesha's praise with a smile and said "oh, thanks."

But this wasn't enough for poor Kesha, who proceeded to go in for a hug."

No thanks, Seinfeld responded.

Please, asked Kesha.

No thanks, Seinfeld said again.

A little one? Kesha replied.

Yeah, no thanks, Seinfeld calmly shot back.

Jerry Seinfeld on the Red Carpet

And that was it! 

Kesha walked away in shame and Seinfeld cracked up.

Not out of cruelty or anything, just out of the oddness of the situation.

He didn't want to hug a stranger. Can you blame the guy?!?

"I don't know who that was," Seinfeld said to the reporter after the interaction.

He was then informed he was Kesha and responded, "Well, I wish her the best."

It's an amazing clip.

And if Kesha is feeling at all bad about herself as a result of it, we're guessing that Jerry was thrown off by her lack of glitter and the lack of a dollar sign in her name.

If she still rocked those accessories, Seinfeld totally would have gone in for a quick embrace upon recognizing her right away.

Watch the HUG FAIL for yourself:

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