Mandy Harvey, DEAF Singer, Earns Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent

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It may be over already.

We may be able to call it after just a few episodes.

That's how impressive Mandy Harvey was on America's Got Talent this week.

The 29-year old singer made us think this competition has already found its winner, considering what we learned about her and what we heard from her on Tuesday night.

Mandy Harvey Photo

Due to a connective tissue disorder, Harvey lost her hearing at the age of 18.

“Everything that I ever wanted was going away,” she said in a video prior to her audition.

She then told Simon Cowell that she was able to sing through muscle memorization and visualization, as well as feeling the vibrations.

It sounded completely implausible at first, to be honest.

But then Harvey explained that she was going to sing a track she wrote herself titled "Try" because “I want to do more with my life than give up" and then she actually sang this song.

And it was incredible.

Mandy Harvey

After she finished and after she received a well-deserved rousing ovation, Cowell told Harvey she didn’t need a translator for what he wanted to say.

That's because he didn't need any words.

He simply hit Golden Buzzer, moving Mandy instantly into the live rounds of the show and earning another standing ovation from the audience.

"That was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen and heard,” Cowell told an emotional Harvey, adding:

"I never think that I will be surprised or amazed by people... The song was beautiful."

Mandy Harvey Picture

It sure was.

Stop what you're doing and check out one of the most mesmerizing performances you'll ever see below.

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