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Buzzy Cohen is dominating Jeopardy at the moment.

His seven straight victories have earned Buzzy $133,402 to date… and they’ve also earned Cohen the wrath of the Internet.

Why? Because has dared to cross Alex Trebek. On more than one occasion!

Photo via ABC

The bespectacled contestant has been winning his games by such a wide margin that he hasn’t had to wager any money in Final Jeopardy.

As a result, he hasn’t had to give any real answers in this concluding round.

So he’s chosen to use it as an opportunity to troll the beloved host, taunting Trebek with his final Jeopardy non-answers.

This has created quite the stir online. Are you on Team Buzzy or on Team Buzzy Sucks?

“This contestant is the most pompous, ugly glasses turd face ever created,” Tweeted one person on the former team.

But a user who feels differently wrote: T"here’s a man on jeopardy named buzzy, Buzzy Cohen, I’ve never loved a chinless Jewish man more."

Where do you stand?!?

Watch these clips of Buzzy Cohen on Jeopardy and select your side now!