Adele Forgets Lyrics to Own Song, Is Seriously the Best

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Adele may be the most popular solo artist on the planet.

At this point in her illustrious career, the entire world may know every Adele lyric there is to know.

The entire world with the exception of Adele herself, that is.

During a concert this week in Lisbon, the best-selling singer started to sing a track of her chart-topping third album… when she forgot the words to "Million Years Ago."

How did Adele handle this flub? Like the hilarious pro that she is, of course.

“Sh–, wrong words,” Adele says with a laugh at the outset of the video below. “Sh–, sh–, sh–. I started singing the verse! Sorry!”

Proving that she actually is human, the Lisbon incident isn’t the first time Adele has forgotten her very words on her ongoing global tour.

“Let’s start again,” she said after kicking off the single “I Miss You” at a Manchester gig in March.

And she also recently messed up lyrics in her signature hit “Rolling in the Deep.”

But Adele has also been busy in concert Twerking...

... and helping one fan propose to another fan in concert:

Look for Adele to kick off her North American tour dates with a show at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, on July 5.

We can only hope she's just as entertaining here as she has been abroad.

Watch her latest mistake now:

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