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We have a question, Internet: 

Has a viral hoverboard video ever ended well?

Have you ever been sent footage of someone riding one of these contraptions and the person on it is just having a blast and then it comes to a nice, safe stop and everyone is fine?

No? We didn’t think so.

And that’s not what takes place in the following video, either.

It begins innocently enough, with two little girls (who we presume to be sisters) hanging out at home, one of them riding on the hoverboard in question.

But then it starts to spin. A lot. And it doesn’t stop spinning.

“I seriously can’t stop,” the girl cries out as the board spins faster. “I’m serious!”

The other girl moves in to offer assistance… but the hoverboard then zooms off and slams the first child into a wall with a thud.

We assume she’s okay, so it’s safe to laugh.

Especially when you hear her initial reaction and what she says to her sister.

(NOTE: Earlier this year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said that no hoverboard currently on the market meets its safety standards, according to CNET. Something to keep in mind, parents.)

Watch the scary/hilarious video now: