Jenny Slatten Breaks Down Sobbing Over Sumit: I'm Sorry I'm Old!

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On Season 2, Episode 20 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Jenny Slatten reached her breaking point.

She ended up weeping in front of her future in-laws, apologizing for her age and pleading for acceptance.

Sumit Singh - how could we marry?

With lockdown lifted in India early this summer, Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh went to see an attorney about their marriage plans.

They had been warned in the past that marrying under the Marriage Act would allow Sumit's parents to intervene -- as they had vowed to do.

But it turns out that they have another option.

Sumit Singh attorney - now if you want to get married fast ...

The attorney told them that they could get married quickly at the Arya Samaj Mandir.

This temple provides the equal and opposite of what Americans would consider a "Vegas wedding," being speedy but also religious.

They could get married quickly with a religious ceremony. That they are interfaith, he assured them, would not matter.

Sumit Singh attorney - ... get married in the Arya Samaj Mandir

Jenny's eyes lit up with hope.

She knew that she was running out of time, with her visa set to expire and real worries about traveling during this pandemic.

Jenny and Sumit love each other, and by this point had been in a relationship (mostly long-distance) for 6-7 years at least.

Jenny Slatten eyes light up in excitement and hope

They realized that they could, potentially, have the ring ceremony and then get married the same day ... perhaps almost immediately.

But, in contrast with Jenny's enthusiasm, Sumit was stunningly hesitant.

He admitted that he wants to speak to his parents first, a plan that had Jenny worried that they would dissuade him.

Sumit Singh - (I want) to talk with my parents first

Sumit's parents did eventually support him in his divorce (from the woman they forced him to marry), but they have drawn a line in the sand.

Hoping to get help in smoothing things out, Sumit and Jenny sat down with his brother, Amit, and Amit's wife, Sharee.

They were stunned to find that Sumit and Jenny are moving forward with the ring ceremony, having never expected them to last this long.

Amit Singh - I accept your relationship

Amit was quick to emphasize that he, personally, accepts their relationship.

But he reminded Sumit that if he goes forward with the marriage, their parents will cut him off.

That is the absolute last thing that Sumit wants.

Sumit Singh - I don't want them to cut me off

They two shared that they were hoping that Amit would be able to persuade the parents to be accepting.

They don't have to like that Jenny is Sumit's wife, they just have to not cut ties with Sumit if he marries.

But Amit warns that he doesn't see their parents budging under any circumstances.

Amit Singh - our parents will not get convinced ever

Amit doesn't mince words when he explains why.

It's not that Jenny is American, or even that she deflowered their (adult) son under their roof ... which they resent, even though it's a pretty normal thing to happen here in the US.

Sumit's parents, and more importantly (to them) their neighbors and society itself, will not accept Jenny and Sumit's age gap.

Amit Singh to Sumit Singh - they will never accept the age difference

Obviously, we all want Sumit to be happy instead of prioritizing others.

But the question of course is whether he can be happy if he cuts off his family to be with Jenny.

After all, cutting off Jenny to make his parents happy would never work out, but cutting off his folks isn't the path to happiness, either.

Jenny Slatten begins to cry

At this point, Jenny becomes emotional, though she apologizes for it.

Her voice cracking and her eyes tearing up, she begins to weep.

She apologizes for being "old," being in her early 60s and thus about twice Sumit's age.

Amit Singh and Sharee Singh are embarrassed

Amit and Sharee are visibly uncomfortable during her tearful expression of sorrow and frustration.

She loves Sumit, she reasons, and she doesn't understand why they have so many obstacles to be together.

Jenny is tired of fighting this battle, because it's absurd. She and Sumit love each other. People should let them marry in peace.

Jenny Slatten cries - I hate having to go through all of this

Sumit is very comforting to Jenny during this painful, admittedly cringeworthy moment.

It is hard to watch someone cry, especially when it's someone whom you love, and especially when you feel the same way.

Jenny and Sumit have an uphill battle ahead to find their path to happiness. We wish them the best.

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