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This season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is winding to a close.

On Season 2, Episode 20, Sumit and Jenny get good news.

But is Sumit getting cold feet?

Kenneth and Armando explain to Hannah that they have not yet been allowed to marry.

The contents of the formal, government document that they receive are shockingly homophobic.

Tim and Melyza are both feeling good after his mom’s visit.

But Tim has a confession … at least, this time, it’s not cheating.

Deavan is excited about her family coming to visit … but Jihoon is fearful.

Ariela’s parents tour her “luxurious” apartment and try to talk to her and Biniyam about why they need a larger home.

Biniyam’s sisters get into a heated confrontation with her and her parents at dinner, even though Ariela has agreed to the baptism — shocking her parents.

And last week, Brittany had drunk-dialed Yazan who came to pick up her and her friend Angela … who is truly worried about her friend’s choices.