Jenni Farley Shows Off Autistic Son's Progress in Sweet Video

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Last week, Jenni JWoww Farley got candid about her son's autism diagnosis.

Now, she's showing off her delight at he speaks -- naming through some primary colors while he's busy doing other things.

The video that she shared is absolutely adorable. Take a look:

JWoww Films Son Greyson Valor

"The way he says yellow makes my heart explode," JWoww writes in the caption of this video.

She includes with her words a yellow heart emoji.

In the video itself, JWoww prompts Greyson Valor.

With her encouragement, he names "red," "yellow," and "blue."

Those are the primary colors, and he's wearing two of them.

At Home with Greyson

Greyson seems distracted by his snack on the countertop during the video.

He's humoring his mother because, well, he's a little kid and that's what you do.

He's dressed as Dash from The Incredibles and holding a Jack Jack doll from the same franchise.

Greyson then places Jack Jack on the counter and moves to climb up onto his chair.

He's such a precious little two-and-a-half-year-old boy.

Here's Greyson!

In another video shared by Roger Matthews, Greyson's only prompting is a question.

He is asked to name colors rather than simply repeat them, and he does.

He's honestly paying more attention to Disney's Rapunzel at the time.

"The sky is the limit for this kid," his father writes in the caption.

Greyson clearly knows his colors very well.

His parents are showing the world that his autism diagnosis isn't as scary as some people try to make it sound.

Such a Cute Kid

Part of what makes his parents so excited about his verbal identification of the colors is that his progress with speech is very recent.

There is a tendency among parents and even among some who work with children professionally to associate speech with understanding.

Children who don't speak don't always communicate that they fully understand their environment.

It is not at all uncommon for children on the autistic spectrum to have speech delays as children.

That does not mean that don't understand the words that their parents speak to and near them.

Greyson has probably known his colors for a very long time.

What's pleasing his parents so much is that is he is now giving verbal confirmation.

A Kiss for Greyson

JWoww doesn't want her son's autistism diagnosis used as clickbait, which is a very understandable concern.

But she does want to show off her children on social media.

In the process, she can educate more and more parents on what it can really be like having a child on the autistic spectrum.

While it's true that some autistic adults need neurotypical caregivers in order to function in society, that is not the standard.

Unfortunately, images from popular films of nonverbal and barely-functional adults too often come to mind for parents whose young children have just been diagnosed.

Autism is a spectrum, and includes a massive variety of traits and qualities.

Greyson smiling and speaking is a great way to illustrate that.

JWOWW and Company

Some mothers of autistic children seem to use their experience to make things all about them.

They become "mommy bloggers" who look for sympathy for their situation, as if an autistic child were a curse.

JWoww and Roger do not seem to be doing that at all.

They're talking about speech therapy, but it's because they love their son and want to help him succeed in life.

JWoww meets her attention quota as a reality star. She doesn't have to use her son for fame, and it's great that she's not trying.

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