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For whatever reason, Kim Kardashian has been talking a lot of late about how she did Ray J back in the day.

On this Sunday’s Season 15 finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, however, Kim will do Washington.

As previously discussed in detail – but not the sort of detal we’ll see on this episode – Kim actually did something noble several months ago.

She heard about this woman in Alabama named Alice Marie Johnson who had been in jail for 22 years on a non-violent first time drug offense.

Kim reacted in shock and anger over such a development.

And then she did something about it.

"The only person that can grant her clemency would be the President," Kim says in this preview for the finale, saying on air: "We have one shot to plead out case."

This, of course, is what Kardashian ended up doing.

In a surprising turn of events, she visited the White House and got a meeting with Donald Trump.

There’s been plenty about this administration that has taken folks by surprise, but the following photos are definitely near the top, wouldn’t you say?

"Knowing someone’s life is in my hand, it’s a really scary feeling," Kim adds in this trailer.

Is she being a tad bit dramatic?

Not entirely.

Slam the ex-sex tape star and waist trainer sell-out all you want for many defensible reasons.

But you must give her credit in this case. She did it. She helped get someone out of jail.

Kim Talks

Said Johnson of Kardashian upon her release in June:

"She has truly been relentless in her fight for me… this is not a publicity thing for her. She has never stopped fighting for me. She’s an incredible woman, an amazing woman."

Bravo, Kim!

Check out the video here to prepare for what ought to be a fascinating season finale.