Jenelle Evans Did a Mermaid Photoshoot (Yes, Really)

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Even though Jenelle Evans has been bashed by Farrah Abraham and Kailyn Lowry for whining -- meaning that, yes, even Farrah Abraham has the moral high ground in that area -- she's a complex individual, right? She's gotta be.

Well, the Carolina Hurricane is actually working for a good cause, but she didn't do just any photoshoot.

Because she dressed as a mermaid -- tail and all. Yes, really. (Oh, and you'd better believe that there's video)

Jenelle Evans with Choker

Jenelle Evans might quit Teen Mom 2 because, to hear her tell it, the show's producers and editors are all part of some vast conspiracy to make her, in particular, look so much worse than she actually is.

Because when you watch Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans and David Eason do not seem to be great parents. (That's actually a massive understatement)

Given what Jenelle's own mother Barbara has said about the couple, you don't get that impression in person, either. 

Jenelle can't blame real life of editors, now can she?

But we need to try -- just for a moment -- to not think of Jenelle, the angry and defensive reality star. Or Jenelle the not-very-good mom.

Instead, we need to think of Jenelle, the human being.

Or, possibly, Jenelle Evans -- the mermaid.

Jenelle Evans as a Mermaid

Yes, Jenelle Evans did a mermaid photoshoot. And it's even for a good cause, if you can believe it.

Jenelle has shared behind-the-scenes photos of herself, in a mermaid tail, on the beach.

In addition, she shared a behind-the-scenes video.

Jenelle captioned the video with this, explaining what she was up to -- because it's not just a wildly impractical Halloween costume.

"I had such an amazing time with @projectmermaids . [I'm] super thankful to have this opportunity to make my dream come true since I was a little girl, which was being a mermaid!!!"

Like the saying goes -- shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll end up famous for getting knocked up in high school.

"I love free diving, scuba diving, and this just topped it all."

Yes, well, the ocean is a beautiful place.

"This is an organization that helps to clean up all the trash on our beaches!"

Oh! That's a genuinely great cause.

"I’m here to bring attention to this issue and ask to spread awareness."

Spread awareness of ... trash? Or of the organization?

"We need to teach our younger generation so we can save our earth, keep it healthy, and save our wildlife."

Those are genuinely important causes.

Jenelle Evans, Mermaid Photo

Some might crack a joke about Jenelle Evans being at the beach while encouraging people to remove their trash from the beach, but ... we'll resist.

But we do have to talk about something, and it's that mermaid tail.

We know a couple of women who have mermaid tails (both are, coincidentally, redheads) and they look so much nicer than the one that Jenelle is wearing. You can scour the internet and find some amazing-looking tails that don't just look the part, but function for swimming (in a pool; please don't wear one in the ocean).

In comparison, Jenelle's looks like a cheap Halloween costume.

Did Jenelle bring this mildly ratchet looking tail with her after just refusing to splurge on a nice one, despite having that sweet, sweet Teen Mom money?

Or did the organization provide one and Jenelle was just uncharacteristically polite and went along with it?

But we need to remember that these are behind-the-scenes photos (and a BTS video). Not only are these not going to be the most flattering angles, but the organization may doctor the photos in post.

Maybe the tail that Jenelle is wearing is just a baseline, and they'll use cgi to make it look like it's not a mildly doctored pillowcase.

Jenelle Evans, Mermaid on a Rock

Regardless, though, cleaning up our beaches is vital. Never leave trash behind.

Cleaning our oceans is also tremendously important. Though new technologies are being invented every day for combing beaches for trash and even filtering trash out of the ocean, we all have to do our parts to not make a massive problem worse.

What kind of world will future generations inherit? What kind of world are we leaving for ourselves in a decade or two?

Anyway, take a look at the video:

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