Barbara Evans: David Eason Makes Me Afraid For Jenelle & the Kids!!

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No one has ever accused Jenelle Evans of being the best mom. Or even necessarily of being a good mom for that matter.

And her estranged mother, Barbara Evans, has been one of the Carolina Hurricane's toughest critics over the years.

Jenelle Evans with Barbara Evans

But that doesn't mean that Barbara isn't legitimately worried about her daughter or doesn't have the best interests of her kids in mind.

Along with many Teen Mom 2 fans, she finds David Eason alarming and believes that he's no good for her grandchildren - or Jenelle.

Before we get into this, remember that Jenelle Evans is threatening to quit Teen Mom 2. We do not think that one is unrelated to the other.

Jenelle believes that the show is portraying her in an unfair light and is ruining her marriage to David (they wed earlier this fall).

Multiple Teen Mom 2 stars - actually, all of them at this point - have vented about the edits that they receive, not just Jenelle.

After all, by the nature of reality television, it's very easy to take moments out of context or emphasize drama over domestic bliss.

Jenelle Evans, David Eason and Barbara Evans

Even the best of the Teen Mom 2 mothers suffer this fate.

Chelsea Houska gets bad edits sometimes, as she has vocally noted. Through editing, they made it look like she was ignoring her daughter.

But on the flip side, editing can only go so far.

The producers can edit out good moments or resolutions, but they can't edit in fits of yelling or heated arguments or worse.

As such, Evans brings at least some (if not most) of this scrutiny on herself, and lot of fans are concerned about Jenelle's parenting.

A lot of fans are even more concerned about David Eason's parenting, and particularly the way that he reportedly treats Kaiser.

That's Jenelle's second child, a product of her relationship with Nathan Griffith, and reportedly the subject of bad blood. With David.

Jenelle's own estranged mother, who has custody of Jenelle's oldest child, Jace, says she's worried about her grandchildren.

Barbara Evans at the Beach

And Barbara is also worried about Jenelle herself, telling Radar Online that Jenelle is living under David Eason's control.

She repeated some of her long-held beliefs about the results of the couple's turbulent courtship and now marriage.

"I think once he puts that ring on her finger he’s going to have so much control over her," Barbara told the site. 

Well, Jenelle married David Eason only a few weeks ago, but only time will tell if Barbara's predictions are accurate.

"She’s going to be choked to where she won’t be able to breathe," she adds. "He'll have so much control; more so than he does now."

We hope that Jenelle won't literally be choked. (Though with David Eason's background, and hers, you never know.)

But when fans of the show have wished that Jenelle would get herself under control, they did not mean under a husband's control.

Barbara Evans Photo

Barbara mourns what's become of her daughter.

"This is a Jenelle I’ve never seen," she says.

Barbara suspects that Jenelle will come to regret it.

"Someday it’s going to bite her in the ass to do this to me. It's heartwrenching to me."

While it's no doubt painful for Barbara, she also harbors serious fears about the well being of her grandchildren.

She has custody of Jace, sure, but she cannot protect them all.

"I’m not worried about Ensley, because it's David's child. I’m very much so worried about Kaiser. I don’t think David likes Kaiser… because he’s a clone of Nathan."

Jenelle and Nathan Half-Naked

Though there is a documented phenomenon where stepchildren are, statistically, more likely to be abused than biological children of both parents, there are sadly plenty of abusive parents who do not discriminate when it comes to doling out violence.

If Barbara fears that David Eason is abusive, then she might want to worry about all of her grandchildren.

Apparently, Jenelle is dismissive of Barbara's fears.

"She says it’s none of my business. They won’t let me see Kaiser."

For the record, if a child is being mistreated, it is the business of literally every good person on the planet.

Sadly, we don't know if there's much that we can do.

We can hope that Kaiser's other grandmother, Nathan Griffith's mother, is successful in obtaining custody of the boy.

Beyond that, we can mostly just hope (and pray, if you're the praying sort) that reports that Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her fourth child are false.

Even if the allegations of abuse are false, the dynamic that we've seen between Jenelle and David on Teen Mom 2 is toxic. No child deserves to be born into that.

Don't you wish that Barbara could just adopt all of them? We're sure that she does.

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