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There are countless reasons to dislike Jenelle Evans, and they run the gamut legitimate to petty.

People who take issue with Jenelle’s bigotry or the many allegations of child and animal abuse that have been directed at her over the years?

Yeah, they’re on the "legit" side of the spectrum.

People who make fun of Jenelle’s appearance?

Jenelle Is Down With the Sickness

Well, they’ve gone way past "petty" and entered "stooping to her level" territory.

There’s never a reason to bully anyone about their appearance, even if that person seems to have no problem bullying others.

Somewhere in between those two extremes are concerns about Jenelle’s alleged alcoholism.

Normally, we’d say if you’re not personally affected by someone’s substance consumption, then you should probably not worry about it.

Jenelle Evans Caught a Fish

But it wasn’t all that long ago that Jenelle had her kids taken away as a result of her failure to provide them with a safe, stable environment.

She told a judge that her kids are afraid of David Eason, so she should probably stay relatively sober in order to keep an eye on that situation.

And then there are Jenelle’s health problems, which range from esophageal spasms to back and neck problems so bad that she’s unable to get out of bed some days (or so she claims).

Jenelle Is Drinking

Her problems could be caused or at least exacerbated by heavy alcohol consumption, so it’s not hard to see why fans might be concerned.

And just this week, Jenelle admitted that the issues with her throat are at least partially the result of her hard seltzer consumption.

More on that later.

Jenelle Evans Drinks a White Claw

So yeah, it’s not hard to see why Jenelle’s boozing is mentioned in the comments so frequently, and it would be easy for her to assure her fans that she’s drinking in a moderate, responsible way, with the approval of her doctors.

Instead, she made a video that basically confirms what her critics have been saying the whole time.

Jenelle rarely creates any original content, instead she just mouths words over other people’s original audio.

"When it comes to a drink, I’mma have it," Evans lip-synced in her latest clip, proudly hoisting a beer in case there was any doubt that she was referring to her well-known love of booze.

Now, nothing that Jenelle posts is actually funny, but we understand what she was going for here.

She was trying to shrug off the alcoholism claims with a wine mom-style joke — but those don’t really work when you have a long history of addiction, and you freely admit that your drinking has recently caused you physical harm.

Jenelle Evans, Way Up Close

“Half way through the stutter, I was really thinking it was gonna be a white claw," one user commented, referring to the fact that Evans was sipping a Corona.

“Yeah… Can’t drink them anymore. Messes up my esophagus BIG TIME," Evans replied.

Naturally, folks on Reddit had a field day with that one.

Jenelle Talks Drugs

“every time you get choked up on your sweetened up alcohol, it’s not an ‘esphagial (sp) spasm’ maybe you’re just drinking too much. trust me. been there," one person wrote, according to Heavy.

“I feel like she has acid reflex/heartburn and just keeps calling is esophagus spasms lol," another added.

“You would think she would’ve realize this prior to constantly drinking them 24/7. Like no shit Sherlock," a third chimed in.

Jenelle Evans YouTube Photo

All of this comes amid new rumors that Jenelle is broke, sparked by a recent post in which she complained about her bad credit.

"Jenelle was making six figures. How you can make that much money and still have bad credit is astounding to me," one person commented.

The operative word there is "was."

Jenelle on Her TikTok

Jenelle and David were both making six figures at the world’s easiest job, but MTV wisely fired both of them several years ago.

These days, the only thing standing between Jenelle and poverty is her social media following, whom she’s constantly at war with.

We don’t pretend to know what’s causing all of Jenelle’s problems, but she’s definitely gonna want to make some changes ASAP.


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