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We think everyone would agree that 2020 has been full of surprises — and almost none of them have been pleasant.

The year from hell kept that impressive streak going this week with video of violent reprobate Jen Harley giving a public lap dance to alcoholic aspiring p0rn star Chad Johnson.

You might remember Jen from her tumultuous relationship with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro of Jersey Shore fame.

The couple has broken up on countless occasions, and their altercations have gotten physical numerous times.

During one infamous incident, Jen dragged Ronnie with her car during a fight in a parking lot.

Jen Harley Up Close
Photo via Instagram

And you thought the way Pauly D drags Ronnie on Shore was bad!

A year later, Jen got a restraining order against Ronnie after he allegedly assaulted her at an Air BnB in Los Angeles.

Thankfully, the couple called it quits after that one, but their two-year-old daughter remains stuck in the middle of a very precarious situation.

Hug for Harley
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It’s impossible to predict how Ronnie will react to the footage of his ex grinding on one of reality TV’s most notorious scumbags, but considering Magro reacts to just about everything by throwing a fit, we’re guessing it won’t be pretty.

As for Johnson … well, what can we say about him that hasn’t already been said in his arrest reports?

As we stated earlier, Johnson recently embarked on a career in adult film with girlfriend Annalise Mishler as his partner in boning.

Photo via Instagram

Of course, Johnson is open to "collaborating" with other co-stars, as well.

He recently paired off with YouTuber Trisha Paytas to record some exclusive content for his OnlyFans page.

No word on how Annalise felt about that one.

Chad Johnson Movie Still
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Anyway, Chad was arrested on domestic violence charges earlier this year, so it doesn’t look as though Jen is making any effort to minimize the drama in her life these days.

Granted, the nature of her relationship with Chad is unclear, but based on the video of the two of them together, we think it’s safe to say it’s not strictly platonic.

In the past, this sort of thing might have presented a threat to Ronnie’s sobriety.

Chad Johnson on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Fortunately, these days, he seems to be in a relatively stable place (by his standards).

Does that mean he won’t fly off the handle and go off on one of his notorious Ron-pages when he catches wind of this video?

Of course not! But it might mean that his tantrum will consist of social media ranting, rather than the kind of behavior that might result in police involvement.

Photo via Instagram

The fact is, Jen and Ronnie are broken up, and they have been for almost a year.

Both parties are free to do as they please in regard to their relations with the opposite sex.

And both parties say they’re committed to amicable co-parenting, and that the happiness of little Ariana is their number one priority.

Photo via Instagram

On paper, the situation looks pretty stable … but in reality, it’s anything but.

Ronnie and Jen are both short-tempered, and Magro is likely to take take issue with the fact that Jen is hooking up with another reality star — and one with a very bad reputation, to boot.

He might feel that Chad is not the kind of person he wants in his daughter’s life.

Photo via ABC

And he would be right to feel that way, as Chad is gross loser.

But there’s no reason to believe that Harley and Johnson are anywhere near the "meeting the kids" stage of their relationship.

For now, they’re just grinding on each other in public and possibly planning to star in a p0rn together.

Ronnie and Jen on the Beach
Photo via Instagram

Hey, if they make it motorcycle-themed, "Johnson and Harley" would be the perfect title!

Plus, Rahn can show up for the sequel and tell them to stahp. Sorry, had to do it.

Anyway, try not to vomit on your device as you watch …