90 Day Fiance Sneak Peek: Is Kalani Faagata's Dad Going to FIGHT Asuelu?!

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We have all seen Kalani Faagata's misery on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

Now her family knows how Asuelu has made her feel. It's time for her dad to intervene.

Asuelu Pulaa paints a wall teal

As this sneak peek clip begins, Asuelu is painting the wall a gorgeous teal.

Low Faagata, his father-in-law and Kalani's father, enters the room.

Low compliments the color choice, while Asuelu says that Kalani selected it.

Asuelu Pulaa hears - Low heard what happened in Washington

The small talk ends very quickly, as Low informs Asuelu that Kalani has filled him in on what went down in the Pacific Northwest.

He has heard things about their trip ... things that have greatly displeased him.

Low feels very protective of his daughters. The idea that they were disrespected, that Kalani was nearly attacked, has stirred his anger.

Low Faagata - pissed off laser eyes edit

Low is the first to admit, as he speaks to the confessional camera, that it is in his cultural background to be expressive of anger.

However, he is tempering his wrath for a very good reason -- to be a good role model for Asuelu.

Low's lips are moving, but that sounds like something that Kalani or Lisa would have said to encourage him to keep calm.

Low Faagata - when we get angry, we get angry

But Low does speak to Asuelu about what he has heard.

He knows about the conflict with Asuelu's mom and sisters. He knows about the conflict over money.

"It didn't make sense to me," Low says. Asuelu quickly nods in agreement.

Asuelu Pulaa - sorry, we will not send the money

Asuelu is adamant that he has told his mother that he loves and supports her, but can't send money that they do not have.

Low replies "good."

He then gives a very honest appraisal of his culture of origin, noting that some "Samoan ways" are good ... but that others are not. And life in America is expensive.

Kalani Faagata cannot BELIEVE what she is hearing

Now, The Family Asuelu and The Family Kalani (sorry, but like TLC, I cannot stop phrasing things that way after Pedro Jimenez started it) are planning to meet.

Low wants to know what Asuelu's goals for this sit-down will be.

Asuelu wants apologies, an end to the drama, and he hopes that the parents can give helpful advice for harmony and to help his marriage.

Low Faagata - but hopefully he doesn't have to see that

Low notes that he has been where Asuelu was. His mother and sisters did not like Lisa.

But Low stood up for his wife. And it is important to him that Asuelu do the same for Kalani and for his sons.

He then confides to the camera that if Asuelu is not doing enough to stand up for Kalani and the boys, then Low will stand up for them himself ... but he hopes that it won't come to that.

Asuelu Pulaa mom - I don't care about the kids

The biggest issue to resolve may not be the money, but the things that were said when Kalani met with Asuelu's family without him.

Accusing Kalani of seducing Asuelu, getting pregnant on purpose, and brainwashing him, his mother said something truly outrageous.

"I don't care about the kids," she announced, speaking of her own grandchildren ... and declaring her intent to take Asuelu back to Samoa so that she could reap the benefits of his labor.

Tammy Pulaa to Kalani Faagata - I'm gonna beat you up!

The conversation was going nowhere, which is when Asuelu's sister attacked Kalani -- or at least, tried to.

Only Asuelu's mother's intervention prevented it from becoming a physical brawl.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of the family drama.

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