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It’s official: Jared Fogle is headed for a lengthy prison sentence after pleading guilty to 14 counts of soliciting sex from minors.

It was initially reported that Fogle’s troubles began when his home was raided in connection with a child pornography investigation, but now we’re learning that the Subway spokesman was under investigation for much longer than that.

Rochelle Herman has come forward as the reporter who claimed that Fogle told her "middle school girls are hot" several years ago.

She can now reveal that she worked as an FBI informant for the better part of a decade, often wearing a wire while talking to Fogle.

Hunter was interviewed by Anderson Cooper last night, and she made several shocking revelations, not only about how long the FBI – and possibly Subway – were aware of Fogle’s actions, but also regarding the revolting comments that Fogle made about Hunter’s children.

The interview serves as confirmation of two undeniable truths: Fogle is a monster, and Hunter is a hero.