Jared Fogle Allegedly Told Reporter "Middle School Girls Are Hot"

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Earlier this week, Subway spokesman Jared Fogle's home was raided in connection with a child porn investigation.

Initial reports claimed that police were looking into claims regarding a former employee of Fogle's charity who was arrested for possession of child porn, and who had allegedly used company computers to hide files with sexually explicit photos of minors.

Now, however, it seems investigators may be interested in Fogle for reasons that go beyond the actions of his ex-employee.

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Yesterday, Fogle was suspended by Subway, and the company has been quietly removing all traces of the famous pitchman from their promotional materials.

Today, an anonymous former reporter is claiming that Fogle made so many inappropriate remarks in her presence that she contacted the FBI for fear that he might act on some of his criminally deviant desires.

"He said something to me when we were off camera and that really stuck with me," the unidentified woman tells a Sarasota, FL news station. "I thought to myself, 'Did he really say that to me?'"

She stated that Fogle's most troubling comment was "middle school girls are hot," a remark that he allegedly repeated on several separate occasions.

"The subject matter [of his comments] is similar to what the FBI found when they raided his home," the journalist claims. "They weren't jokes. They were very serious."

Neither Fogle nor the Subway organization has spoken publicly about the allegations. Fogle's attorney describes the reporter's story as "an unrealistic fabrication."

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