Jana Duggar Launches YouTube Channel, Sparks Concern With Fans

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Last week, we predicted that Jana Duggar would soon begin creating her own media brand centered around homemaking tips and faith-based content.

We hate to toot our own horns, but it looks as though that prophecy has already been fulfilled.

Jana Duggar on Counting On: A Photo

On Friday, Jana posted a recipe for her Duggar homemade rolls on Instagram.

This wasn't one of those weirdo Duggar foods like tater tot casserole, but the recipe attracted a lot of attention nonetheless.

In fact, it created such a stir that Jana decided to launch a YouTube channel in order to provide step-by-step instructions on how to make the rolls.

And just like that, Jana became a vlogger.

Jana Duggar on Counting On Photo

Launching her channel with something as wholesome as a baking video might seem like a classically Duggar thing to do.

But believe it or not, the video has sparked some concern among fans.

For one thing, some folks aren't buying the narrative that Jana posted a recipe, noticed how popular it was, and decided to create a video with more detailed instructions.

The video, they say, is too sleekly produced to have been slapped together on a whim.

Jana Duggar on the Beach

They also think it's weird that Jana never appears on camera or provides any kind of voice-over for the video.

And they kind of have a point there, to be honest.

But the bigger and more legitimate concern is that Jana is launching a media career because of financial issues within the Duggar family.

And there's a lot to support that theory -- in fact, the signs are everywhere.

Derick Dillard For Grubhub

From the time that Derick Dillard got a job as a Grubhub driver, there have been murmurs about money problems for Jim Bob's offspring.

The talk continued when Jinger Duggar launched a partnership with a donut company, and the whole thing blew up in her face.

Gig economy? Paid partnerships? Is this the same Duggar family that's forever boasting about its fiscal responsibility?

Jim Bob teaches his kids that financial well-being is a sign of God's favor, and he prides himself on laying out a firm foundation for his many, many kids.

Duggar, Jana Photo

His sons and daughters were handed the keys to a massive media empire, along with several other business ventures, including used car dealerships and a growing real estate concern.

So why are so many of them involved in such menial work?

Jana's video was probably fun to make (if, indeed, she did make it), but we're guessing Jinger's shady donut company sponsorship wasn't quite as rewarding.

Are we reading way too much into a 2-minute recipoe video?

Almost certainly -- but then again, when the Duggars are involved, there's always more going on than meets the eye.

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