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Days ago, we showed you a sneak peek of the Kardashian family all ganging up on Kourtney, though Kim admitted that she’s been too harsh.

On Sunday night’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the bullying got to Kourtney. Is she quitting the show?

Last week, Kourtney was distressed and offended that Kim and Khloe were childishly stalking her while she tried to conduct business.

Kourtney wanted to draw some boundaries and have them respected.

In response, Kim suggested that Kourtney should be fired for holding back any part of her life.

Now, the family is still dealing with the fallout from that heated conflict.

On Sunday night’s episode, the family lays the groundwork for their therapeutic trip to the middle of nowhere.

"The reason I wanted you all to come is because I feel a little frustrated and anxious," Kris Jenner tells her gathered brood.

Honestly? Agreeing to the trip makes sense, as the scene and trip would have been already planned.

But the way that these women all chime in with "I love Wyoming!" makes us wonder if the family is getting kickbacks from America’s least populous state.

First up was the scene that we showed you last week, in which Kris asked everyone which relationship most needed fixing.

Khloe singled out her bond with Kourtney, citing that they could "fizzle out" at times.

Kendall talked about hypocrisy in the family, but also pointed the finger specifically at Kourt.

And Kim, also, had a bone to pick with her eldest sibling, though she admitted that she herself could be very mean.

Kourtney is still explaining why she needs space and firm boundaries at times.

"We all have our own way of what works best for us and how much we can handle," Kourtney notes.

"It’s not OK that I feel like I’m at my breaking point and I need a break and I don’t want to film anymore," she expresses.

Kourt reminds her loved ones: "Life is short. It’s not all about filming this show."

"I hear Kourtney loud and clear. And I obviously want her to be really happy," Kim emphasizes.

"But I think she’s really torn on, what should she do?" she characterizes.

Kim continues: "Should she stay on the show, or does she get off and live a different life that she claims she’s wanted for so long?"

"I hope that Kourtney finds clarity," she expresses. "And whatever decision she chooses to make, I just want her to feel like she’s at peace."

Khloe chimes in with a similar attitude, saying: "I never want my sisters to be sad or upset."

"And I think everyone has to do what’s best for them in life," she tells the confessional camera.

"So now, let’s move on, let’s heal," Khloe suggests.

She continues: "And let’s get on to the next thing."

Kim’s most relatable moment — maybe ever in her life — is when she breaks down into tears over her fear of heights.

Team-building exercises are some of the most miserable, hateful inventions in the world.

If they work at all, it’s not because of comradery, it’s becuase of trauma bonding, like people who survived being hostages in a bank.

This is where we see Kourtney and Khloe really snapping at each other as Khloe calls out Kourt’s behavior.

After this, the two hottest members of the family — by which we of course mean Kendall and Kourtney — have a tense conversation.

"Who are you leaving?" asks Kendall, who was already bummed out that Kylie pulled the billionaire card and passed on the family trip.

"Because I feel like, why would I want to be here," Kendall replies, "with a bunch of people who, literally, they just pick on me."

"We are sisters though, at the end of the day," Kendall points out. "You have to remember that sometimes, sisters are just like that."

"I get that," Kourt acknowledges. "But there’s also a way that we can be to be more helpful."

She admits that the show is wearing her down in part because the fights with her siblings that they do for the camera are exhausting.

"I’m getting to the point where I’m not happy," she confesses.

Kourtney reminds the world: "Everyone has their breaking point."

That said, she did seem to enjoy the costume party. Is that enough to keep on on TV (if that was ever in doubt)?