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Back in November of last year, John David Duggar married Abbie Burnett. But in this Counting On clip, they’re still preparing for the big day.

Jana Duggar is relegated to helping everyone, and that includes helping prepare for her little brother’s wedding.

In the process, while out and about with BFF Laura DeMasie, she finds something so embarrassing that she "tried to block" it out.

TLC has posted a number of behind-the-scenes looks at the Duggar family on Counting On.

In this one, Jana is busy acting as a wedding planner for John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett.

That’s right — Jana isn’t just a full-time childcare worker, a housekeeper, and a gardener.

She also helps to plan her siblings’ weddings while fans wonder when she will have her own.

Even though Jim Bob is a millionaire, John David’s wedding had a tight budget.

So Jana went to a thrift store to look for decorations.

There’s a lot of good stuff in this clip, but let’s skip right to the humiliation.

(Sorry, Jana!)

Laura and Jana find a massive collection of books, but one set of books in particular catches their eyes.

It’s a bunch of Duggar books.

Books put out by the family over the years are collected on a set of shelves.

Jana’s feeling of awkwardness is palpable. Meanwhile, Laura is laughing her head off.

The books include Growing Up Duggar and The Duggars: 20 And Counting.

As you can imagine, Jana is both visible and recognizable on the various books, which Laura cannot help but point out.

(If your best friend doesn’t know how to roast you over harmless stuff, are they really your best friend?)

Jana then makes the mistake of looking to see how much the books cost.

From their dialogue, and it’s unclear if they’re joking, it sounds like the books are about 90% off.

Laura then suggests that Jana should autograph one of the books as a special surprise for someone who might buy one.

Instead, Jana covers up the faces of some of the books, using other books.

It’s not clear if she hopes to avoid being recognized by others in the store — since, you know, she has a whole dang camera crew with her.

Even afterwards, Laura is cackling over the experience, much to Jana’s embarrassment.

When it is brought up in front of the camera, Jana states that she "tried to block" that memory from her mind.

Duggar book Counting On clip - Jessa and Ben

Elsewhere in the clip, Jana explains that she tends to look at items, then look at the price. Her own siblings admit that she sometimes "stretches" the budget.

Laura is there to keep her in check by reminding her that she can only buy so much for this wedding.

Then the producers troll her by having different pairs of Duggars speak about which among them are more impulsive purchasers.

Jessa and Kendra, like Jana, tend to want to take advantage of a good sale when they see it.

Because Jana and Laure insist that they’re just friends, not lovers, the producers also bring out a non-couple: twin brothers Jeremiah and Jedidiah.

Of the two, Jeremiah usually counsels Jedidiah to not impulsively purchase things … but that may just be a trick, as Jeremiah may buy the item himself.